We Love… Trash – The Room

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

There are nights when you look through your DVD collection and none of your favourite films float your boat  – what you need is some serious Trash –  the black sheep of your collection; something so bad that makes you feel good. Warning: to appreciate these films booze is recommended. And so over the next couple of weeks the Film Ireland collection of filmaholics shed their dignity, hide their shame and open their bins to reveal their trashiest films in the latest installment of…

We Love…


The Room

(Tommy Wiseau)

‘… without a single doubt, the worst film ever made … ’

Brian Lloyd

There are bad films. Some are executed poorly by the director, others are let down by under-performing actors. It can be a case that they’re simply phoning in a role, the material is beyond their range – or that they’re just bad actors. The same goes for budget. Films can be limited by budget, circumstance and time. However, a film is supposed to rise above these and be better than its faults. The Room is, without a single doubt, the worst film ever made. It’s so bad, it’s famous.

For those who are unfamiliar with the unbridled horror that is The Room, it follows a businessman (we’re never really sure what it is he does) and his friends through an increasingly bizarre set of events in San Francisco. I say bizarre – I’m not talking science-fiction. I’m talking actually bizarre. It’s impossible to talk about The Room with those who haven’t seen it. Indeed, watching The Room again with people who haven’t seen it is just as funny as the film itself. People react with a range of emotions – disbelief, horror, confusion, misguided laughter. The film itself is legendary in its awfulness. Without spoiling it, think of a mid-90s porn film WITHOUT the porn. That’s the best approximation of what The Room is like.


Warning: watching The Room can seriously damage your health

The script of The Room feels like it was written by someone who doesn’t have a full command of the English language. It’s not that there’s malapropisms or grammatical errors or anything, it’s that it just doesn’t sound how people actually talk. There are subplots that develop up to a certain point and then, quite literally, are never mentioned again in the course of the film. The film is nothing short of insane.

I really can’t do it justice. Naturally, this film wasn’t made by a large studio or featured well-known actors. Indeed, for most concerned, it was their first film. And it shows. Horribly so. We are, of course, talking about the film’s director, writer, producer and star, Tommy Wiseau. The legend surrounding his ability to fund the entire film himself is murky at best. Some believe he was an arms dealer, others that he was a money launderer. His response to forking out FIVE MILLION for the film? He sold leather jackets. Yes, really.

Nothing can truly prepare you for The Room. If you’ve never seen it, it is absolutely worth seeing. If for no other reason that you will never see anything quite like it in your entire life.




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