LIT Film Festival Competition Screenings and Awards Night

Film Competition Screenings

LIT Millennium Theatre

Thursday 26th April 5-8pm and Friday 27th April 3-8pm


Over 90 films were entered into competition at the LIT Film Festival this year, a whopping 50% increase on last year, and screenings  were spread out over two days.  The standard of films on offer this year was very high; therefore it was very difficult to pick who was going to win.


Eleanor”s picks:


Ciarán              Director Diarmuid Hayes (DCU)           approx.20mins

This was a very sweet documentary about a twelve year old boy with ‘severe mental handicap’ and his family.  Most of the documentary is told in voiceover with some sit down interviews with Ciarán’s parents and members of his ‘team’ at St. Michael’s house.  They tell of their fears, joys and the difficulties of bringing up a child with disabilities.  The piece is lovingly put together by someone who really understood their material and their subject.  It is a great little documentary.


Food Art (2d Animation)          Bernard Dowd (LCFE)            approx.4mins

This was a clever 2D animation that was primarily in black and white with notable exceptions.  Although there wasn’t dialogue it was very creative and this guy will do great things in the future.


Walt     Randal Plunkett (Dunsany Productions) approx. 21mins.

This was a well-told tale of the really creepy variety.  I made the mistake of thinking this was a nice little tale of ‘boy helps old hobo-type guy’, boy was I wrong.  It turned out to be more along the lines of ‘auld fella with murder on his mind’.  It was very well shot.  It had a great story-line and an excellently simple script.  Overall a very well executed film.


Nadine’s selection of her favorite films:


John Corcoran’s Shellshock was an outstanding piece of work. A war veteran is haunted by the fact that he killed a child and this could have been prevented if he only just listened to his father and did not go to was in the first place. It would have been a sell out in any cinema.


Denise Drum’s Sisters had a few lighting and sound difficulties but it was one documentary that really would hit home with anyone who has a sister.  It showed that through five generations of sisters, all sisters are a little jealous of the each other.


Brian Dunster’s The Centre of the Universe was a fantasy film where Aisling was summoned to fix the holes in space after applying to a job on the back of a cereal box when she was young. It was technically fantastic but I think it would go down great with a younger audience and possibly make a great kid’s TV show.


One young student from LIT who sent in thirteen films deserves his own special mention and is definitely one to watch out for in future. Stephen Hall’s films spread across a range of categories; music videos, short/shorts and short film and is extremely talented and has a great creative eye.  His pieces were well shot and he used a range of cameras, including DLSRs.  He also is not a bad scriptwriter with snappy dialogue and funny plots.  This guy is one to remember!


Eleanor McSherry and Nadine Walsh

LIT Film Festival Awards Show 2012

LIT Millennium Theatre

Saturday 28th April at 8pm

The 2012 LIT Film Festival’s Award night was a glittering affair held in the Millennium Theatre nestled in the shadow of Thomond Park complete with spotlights outside lighting up the night sky.  Outside the front doors of the theatre a pair of Spin South West pink Mini Coopers welcomed the guests.


The glamorous and beautiful hostess for the night was well-known local DJ Michelle McMahon with musical entertainment provided by Flaithri Neff and Philip Diffley with a piece arranged especially for the festival. Element Picture’s Ed Guiney gave a pre recorded interview giving some great advice for future filmmakers and the was also streamed live on the internet. It is now available to watch here:


The business part of the night of course was the awards and these went to:

Best Camera – Shellshock (DIT)

Best Lighting – Let Her Go (DIT)

Best Sound – The Centre of the Universe (IADT)

Best Editing – Chop Chop (LIT)

Best Acting – All Night Long (Medicine HatFilms)

Best Script – The Road of Souls (Mixed Bag Media)

Best Director – Solaria (DundalkIT)

Best Factual – Ciarán (DCU)

Best Artistic – Food Art (LCFE)

Best Drama – Walt (Dunsany Productions)

Best Industry Film – Bogman (Mixed Bad Media)

Sony Best Overall Film (educational section) – Solaria (Dundalk IT)


The Sony Best Overall Film’s trailer can be viewed here:


This year Sony sponsored the prize for the Best Overall Film providing camera equipment with over €12,000 which included the increasingly popular FS 100.


For further information on the festival please check out the festival website:

Eleanor McSherry



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