LIT Film Festival: Makeup for Film Workshop with Roisín Derrane

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Make-up for Film Workshop with Roisín Derrane

Millennium Green Room

Thursday 26th of April 12pm2pm

If I am honest, I expected to come out of a workshop titled ‘Make-up for TV and Film’ with tips on how to look as good as Cheryl Cole does on X Factor, not like a star of the latest Saw movie.

Roisín Derrane is an expert in the make-up trade and it shows. To name but a few she has worked on film sets such as King Arthur and Eyes Wide Shut, and also worked in London Fashion Week for Mark Jacobs. She glamorises models for numerous Glossy magazines, and even writes columns.

The session started with a demonstration of various bloods, how to make your own and which are the best to buy and where to get them. Then she showed us a grown up version of play–doh: mortician’s wax. This can be used to create bumps, protruding cuts, bullet holes, swelling and black eyes. What was helpful was that some of the items she showed can be home- made which is great for anyone who would like to experiment.

In less than five minutes my hand looked like I had been stabbed. The rest of the group hesitated as Roisín asked someone of they would like to model some wounds on their face. A brave man volunteered and ended up with a very convincing Harry Potter style scar and an open gash on his cheek bone as well as a subtle black eye.  Following that the next reluctant volunteer had a very recent black eye and we were told that bloodshot eyes are achieved by some odd eye drops or contact lenses. The last volunteer opted against gaining a beard so ended up with a very hairy Wolverine style hand. To achieve this, all Roisín did was finely chop some artificial hair and sparingly applied some glue!

She also explained how men have it a lot easier than us girls. A typical male actor needs: a light brushing of powder, a little dab of concealer and just the odd time a little bronzer and they are ready for set.

If you are thinking of getting in on the trend, Roisín warns that you will need to practice at every opportunity. She also says your basic elements are: 1: Morticians Wax 2. Collodial 3. Bloods. I know what I will be doing next Halloween.

When we were leaving I quickly wiped the blood and gore off my hands. I noticed the other causalities were simply walking out the door. I reminded them of their shocking appearances, but they simply laughed and kept walking.

The session was extremely enjoyable and the two hours flew, although a few tips on how to look good on home video would not have gone amiss! It was an excellent opportunity for all those aspiring to make films to get tips on how to make special effects on a budget.

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