LIT Film Festival: FCPX Workshop with Mark Griffin and Behind the Scenes Network Event


Final Cut Pro X Workshop with Mark Griffin

Millennium Theatre

Saturday 28th April Awards Day 2pm – 3pm


On April 28th 2012, LIT lecturer and prominent Limerick media producer Mark Griffin held a brief masterclass on the new Final Cut Pro X non-linear video editing package.  There has been a lot of discussion about FCPX, some of which has been negative, Griffin himself stated that when it was initially launched he was apprehensive to make the jump from FCP7, hearing rumours that FCPX was essentially ‘iMovie on steroids’.  However, upon taking the time to sit down with the programme he felt that for small quick turnover projects, such as most online projects, FCPX is perfect.


The next hour was spent taking the audience on a short tour of the package which included launching project files, how and why the interface has changed, and the essential differences from FCP7, while also inviting  audience interaction by inviting them to pose problems they may have encountered on rival editing packages.


While Griffin is clearly well versed in FCPX, traversing the various menus and set ups, I thought the packages looked overly complicated.  I have found with FCP7, and earlier FCP packages, that basic troubleshooting can be accomplished with a little bit of common sense and patience.  FCPX however has a much more complicated look and feel, the initial interface looks clunky and confusing and the more he went into the programme the more difficult it all seemed. Griffin felt that FCPX was very straightforward and if anything troubleshooting on the programme was more clear-cut.  It is possible that from my prospective having taken a few years to get used to the original FCP interface, change has made me apprehensive.


FCPX is still in its formative years, there are many issues that may put off the potential buyer, particularly its penchant for crashing.  FCPX is only on 10.0.4 upgrade release and Griffin recommended possibly holding off until the 10.1.0 version is available, thereby giving Apple time to work out some of the major kinks with the system.  He did, nevertheless, state that in terms of affordability and turning over quick productions for consumption FCPX is a fantastic package and that in years to come this will be the way forward for non-linear editing software.  He also advised that if editors were eager to purchase the programme then they should not abandon their earlier FCP versions instead using them to compliment one another.


This master-class was quite fascinating and I would recommend anyone interested in the package to check out and view his online media tutorials and helpful guides. Griffin’s succinct and rhythmic teaching pattern made this class a joy to attend, his Q&A session was quiet candid and in no way swayed towards Apple as the future of non-linear editing packages, thereby leading to a open and honest discussion on various topics. The LIT film festival will surely invite him back in years to come to educate and promote the production industry of the mid-west.

Cian Hennigar 

LIT Film Festival meets Behind the Scenes Network

LIT Millennium Theatre Foyer

Saturday 28th of April 6pm – 7pm


The ‘LIT Film Festival meets Behind the Scenes Network’ was a networking event that offered a perfect opportunity for editors, creative people and filmmakers who work in the local film industry to meet up.  Behind the Scenes is a network of people from the midwest who are working or studying video and film production.  The group was created with the intention of bringing together like minded individuals to study and promote Film and Video Production in the Munster Area.


I have been reporting on its events now for over a year and it has grown in numbers since the first night in the Absolute Hotel over a year ago. The session began with Mark Griffin, network founder, introducing himself and explaining what the network is. Then everyone introduced themselves, explained their film’ experience, spoke about their projects old and new, and aspirations for the future.  There was also a discussion about the up and coming events for the network for the summer and beyond, which are exciting to say the least.

Behind the Scenes Network offers a way of getting crew for a film, discussing your latest project, if you are looking for work in film, learning new skills and it’s also a good way of meeting like minded people.

If you want details about Behind the Scenes Network or if you want to look for film crew in the Mid West their website is:

Eleanor McSherry


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