Production News: ‘A House of Cards’

A House Of Cards

Pre-production has started on the new independent short film, A House Of Cards, starring Brendan Conroy (Kings), Rachel Pilkington (The Clinic), Niamh Shaw (Dorothy Mills),  Carla McGylnn  (King Of The Travellers), Steve Hartland (The Importance Of Being Whatever) and also featuring performances from the writing team, Mark McCabe (Sin é) and Eddie Jackson (Promised Land).

This character-driven short gives a glimpse into every family home when a tense reunion dinner for a dying mother goes awry.

With a screening already set for the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, the fifteen minute film will be directed by Jordan Ballantine and produced by Alice O’Toole.  A House Of Cards will be shot on the Red One camera in mid-April.


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