RTÉ’s Storyland launches second round of webisodes

Storyland, RTÉ’s online drama competition, launched the second round of the contest with new webisodes going online to compete for the public’s affections and get through to the next round.

Voting opened yesterday morning and closes at 9pm on Sunday 25 March. The two series with the least number of votes will then be eliminated and the remaining four series will go on to make their third webisode. To view the next instalments in the six dramas and vote go to www.rte.ie/storyland.

The six dramas in the competition are:


A lethal virus has wiped out millions of people worldwide. Pregnant women are the carriers. With no known cure, containment is the only option. Pregnancy is now outlawed. Starring Grace Kelley as Alison and Jenny Ni Chleirigh as Kate.

Student Teacher

Conor Shaw didn’t have a great time in school. A chronic overachiever, Conor decided to take his Leaving Cert when he was 15 and went straight to college. Now that he’s finished his teaching degree the only place that will take someone so young and weird is his old school where he has to teach his old class who still hate him. Starring Conor O’Toole, Carol Tobin (The Savage Eye) Neil Molloy (Republic of Telly) and Kevin McGahern (Hardy Bucks).

Talk it out

A comedy centred around Martin (Mark Doherty, A Film With Me in It) a hapless therapist coming under pressure when a rival hypnotherapist moves in next door and begins stealing his business.  When he starts taking advice from one of his own patients, Ray (Bernard O’Shea, Republic of Telly), things soon spiral out of control. Other main cast includes Peter Coonan and Aoibhinn McGinnity from Love/Hate.

Trouble Times Three

Scott (Declan Reynolds) is getting out of Dodge.  But he won’t tell his best friend and room-mate Emmalina (Gemma Leah Devereux) why. It’s probably because he has within the last 24 hours found out that he has impregnated both American student, Katie (Audrey Hamilton) and his dole officer, Olivia (Michelle Beamish)! Before he goes though, there might be one more bundle of news to be delivered.

The Begrudgers

Nobby (Shane Carroll) and Snout (Ray Fitzsimons) spend their days perched on the bar-stool resenting, berating and, well, begrudging without any reason nor rhyme. But when Gemma (Brianne Fitzpatrick), an American and George (Will Govan), an Englishman, come into their lives overflowing with enthusiasm and excitement, the Begrudgers might finally get that reason and rhyme after all.


Rebellious, copper-haired teenager Niamh Keegan feels like a spare part in her boring, staid family unit. When she sees a digitally ‘aged’ picture of a missing child in the newspaper that looks just like her, her imagination runs riot and she begins to suspect that she and the snatched baby are one and the same… Are Niamh’s suspicions just the delusions of a disaffected teenager or has she inadvertently stumbled on to something more sinister?

www.rte.ie/storyland <http://www.rte.ie/storyland>


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