Five things I learned from making…..’Living Colour’

Living Colour will be screened on RTÉ 1 on Tuesday March 20th 2012 at 10:15pm. 

Director Éamon Little tells Film Ireland 5 things he learned from making it.

1. The need to make art comes from somewhere deeper inside a human being than even those basic characteristics which determine whether we have special needs or special abilities.

2. When making a film as open-ended in terms of potential characters and action as this one, always get at least a week with the editor, if you can, about a third of the way through shooting. Doing this during the Living Colour process really sharpened my focus on character and shooting style and gave me confidence in the approaches that were working and a heads-up on those that weren’t.

3. How a scene works in relation to all other scenes in a film is even more important than its own intrinsic qualities. Therefore, you can never be sure, till the picture is finally locked, that any given scene or shot will make it. There are scenes axed from this film which I was sure until the very end would have to be in it but which are now committed to oblivion.

4. Every edit produces its own rules. Even if these are not all clear until the very end, a good editor will always be sniffing for them and prepared to rework material on their discovery.

5. Once the choice of subject matter has been made, the next most important thing, I reckon, is the choice of team. I didn’t learn this from making Living Colour but this process certainly reinforced that belief.

Living Colour is an 83-minute observational documentary film exploring the world of an extraordinary artists’ collective in Callan, Co. Kilkenny, which focuses on the artists’ abilities instead of their special needs.

It is an often hilarious, intimate portrayal of charming and vibrant characters and as it takes us deeper into their unique world, it throws up questions about the deeply human need to make art. Living Colour is, in itself, a celebration of what it is to be human.

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Trailer for Living Colour from Éamon Little on Vimeo.


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