RED Scarlet Info Session in Filmbase on Tuesday, 13th March

We are very excited to announce the arrival of the RED Scarlet to Filmbase. Join us next Tuesday, 13th March at 3pm, when we will have an info session with Award winning DOP Billy McCannon.

The Scarlet is the newest addition to the RED Line-up, capable of 5K Stills and 4K Motion at up to 30fps. The Filmbase Scarlet will be available with either the Canon EF Mount, or the PL Mount, giving productions the choice between our wide range of Canon L Prime’s and our Zeiss Cine Superspeed Lenses.

This is one of the first Scarlets in Europe and the first available to rent in Ireland.

We’d like to give it a warm welcome and we hope you can join us.

Tickets are free, but places are limited.To book, email

For more details on the RED Scarlet click here


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