Film Seminars at Molly Keane Writers Retreat Co Waterford

(Kevin Brownlow, Francis Ford Coppola and Eli Wallach)

The Molly Keane Writers Retreat in Ardmore Co Waterford have announced details of two film seminars in May.

12th May: Film talk  with filmmaker, author and  historian  Kevin Brownlow.  A day devoted to the splendours of the silent cinema era.


15th-17th June:  at the Molly Keane writers retreat in Ardmore, Co Waterford. “Where is the writer standing in the room?”. A three day scriptwriting seminar with Ian Sellar, a Filmmaker and tutor from the National Film And Television School in England. €300 for the three days includes welcome dinner on the first night .  Accommodation available at the house or in nearby B and b’s. Please check our website for more details;

WHERE IS THE WRITER STANDING IN THE ROOM   ‘A Wayinto Character led Screen Writing’  With Ian  Sellar.


We all carry with us a personal way of seeing the world and this inhabits everything we do. In our writing it inhabits our narrative, our characters, and every stroke of punctuation. As we lay down details both large and small, our writing becomes a unique reflection of ourselves.

Of course this unique quality is easily lost amongst the debris of the writing process. In our workshop will look at how to strengthen what is important, unique, to you.  The simple truth is that, the clearer you become and the more sure footed you are in your writing the more likely your vision reaches your audience.


In our workshop, to help you find that clarity, we will derive a number of stories and scenes from amongst the group and then work together in shaping the characters and sharpening the dramatic detailing of the scenes. This will help you create screen writing which avoids the pitfalls of over-elaborate structure and unrealised characterisation.


We will look at the particular skills you need to bring to bear in writing for the screen. We will look at how to find inspiration from sources as diverse as newspapers and lemons and in the process you will become more adept at working with other peoples feedback to help strengthen your own voice within your work.


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