‘Book Smugglers’ – Documentary Screenings

The award-winning film Book Smugglers will be showing in Dublin as part of Seachtain na Gaeilge on the following dates:


5th March 3.00pm Leabharlann Ballymun Library, T. 8421890


8th March 3.00pm Ballymun Library, T. 8421890


7th March 6.30pm Raheny Library, T.8315521


15th March 11.00am Rathmines Library, T. 4973539


13th March 1.00pm* Central Library, T. 8734333


*Q&A after the screening with director, Jeremiah Cullinane.


In 1864, when the Russians banned the Latin alphabet in ‘Northwest Province’ in an attempt to ‘Russify’ the land, to create a Lithuania with nothing Lithuanian in it, little did they realise that their oppressive actions would backfire completely and lead, after forty years of resistance, to a massive cultural, linguistic and literary revival on the part of Lithuanians.

Gearóid Mac Lochlainn, an Irish-speaking poet fromBelfast, and Albertas Vidziunas, aVilniustheatre director, retrace the journey of the book smugglers who defied the powerful Russian regime to preserve their language, culture and heritage.

Why were these people so determined and stubborn that they would not assimilate and adapt linguistically to their rulers? Why was language literally a question of survival? And why, inIreland, at exactly the same time, were families electing en masse to abandon their Gaelic.


Jeremiah Cullinane is the critically esteemed director of Hitler’s Irish Movies (2007), On the Ledge (2009), What in the World:Kenya(2006)




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