Love is in the Air in Slollywood (Er..Sligo) – a fundit project

Since September Sligo based community group ‘Sabona Community Productions’ (meaning “hello” in Zulu) have been working with local filmmaker Sinead Dolan on a collaborative project Encounter, a short romantic comedy set in Sligo; African boy meets Irish girl.

Bringing together a diverse group of international and Irish people who live in Sligo the script, which is the product of Create’s Artist in the Community scheme, reflects real-life experiences incorporating themes of difference, cross-cultural issues and identity but is first and foremost a romantic comedy.

Jonah visits Sligo from South Africa but finds himself falling for Irish girl, Bella. He quickly realizes that the ways of Sligo are quite different to home and has to learn what makes an Irish girl tick.

We have a cast and crew ready, willing and able to bring this story from script to screen. Shooting Encounter is also an opportunity for participants to gain experience and put their new skills into practice. We have commitments from a range of professionals in the area who are willing to share their skills and time, but we will need transport, some crew and equipment to realise the project.

So we need a little help, and that’s where you come in! Join our community as funders on where we have just launched our crowd funding campaign. You can fund as little as €5.00 so we can get ready to shout “Lights.Camera.Action”

“LOLS, this is one of our favourite project films to date! Made in ‘Slollywood’, this is community film-making at it’s best!” fundit team

Check out our trailer at


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