JDIFF 2012: Discovery Cinema Review: Turn Me On, Goddammit [Få Meg På, For Faen]

Jameson Dublin International Film Festival 2012

Discovery: Turn Me On, Goddammit [Få Meg På, For Faen]

Sunday, 19th February, 4:15pm, Cineworld

The offbeat title is a good clue to the nature of this gentle, quirky, coming-of-age story set in rural Norway. When 16-year-old Alma has a strange encounter with Artur outside of a party she tells the truth of what happened which leads to her becoming a social outcast in her very small town.

The young brave mainly non-professional cast do a good job in some quite embarrassing scenes for an Irish male critic in his 30s to watch never mind an 18-year-old female to commit to film and to be shown around the world.

The film doesn’t outstay its welcome being a taut 75 minutes with some funny fantasy scenes via Alma’s very active imagination and the rural Norwegian scenery lingers long in the memory.

Director Jannicke Systad Jacobsen, whose background is in documentary filmmaking, conducted a short Q&A with critic Dave O Mahony saying that some of her influences included Juno and My Summer of Love. Let’s hope her feature finds a wider audience as it proves that growing up can be tough no matter where you are from.

Gordon Gaffney

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