Applications to audition for ‘The Voice of Ireland’ are now open!

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The Voice of Ireland is the ultimate talent show, seeking only people with true vocal talent. This is the show that starts where other talent searches end! Looks, age and appearance don’t matter, as the blind auditions ensure that the voice alone secures a place in the next round.

The Voice of Ireland consists of three phases: a blind audition, a singing battle and the live performance shows.

Four coaches, all established successful singers, will compete with each other to choose teams of contestants through a blind audition process. During these auditions the mentors will be seated with their backs to the singers, and their decisions are based solely on voice. If a coach is impressed by the voice, they push the ‘I Want You’ button and their chair turns to face the singer. If more than one coach pushes the button, the power shifts to the singer and they get to decide which coach they want to work with.

Once each coach has their team in place, the battle is on! Each team of singers will be mentored and developed by their coach.

Hosted by Kathryn Thomas and Eoghan McDermott, The Voice of Ireland will be offering a recording contract with Universal Music to the winning vocalist.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then apply now by visiting

The closing date for applications is Monday the 19th of September, 2011 at 6pm.




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Comments (176)

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  1. karina ryan says:

    how do i go about getting an auditition for my daughter
    many thanks

  2. Jane says:

    Hey guys, Just wondering when you sent your application did you get a confirmation e mail from ‘the voice’ or not?? I didn’t get one. Thanks

  3. kate says:

    my application would’nt go through when i pressed apply at the end

  4. pauline smith says:

    i am interested – contact me at

    thank you.

  5. Niamh says:

    can you be any age to audition?

  6. Mark says:

    Hi there,

    I applied however nothing seemed to happen when i hit apply. All of the fields just cleared to empty and I didnt receive a confirmation email. Did this happen any one else?

  7. nicola says:

    I would love you all to hear my daughter,s voice. To me she has the voice of an angel and she,s such a good girl. could i please fill an applacation for her. thank you

  8. kate says:

    for niamh you have to be 18yrs ,mark that happened me aswell but if you do it again an when it clears itself look at the end of the page an it says it has gone thro

  9. Mark says:

    Thanks Kate! I was worried about re-entering everything just in case it goes against however I will try again later! Thanks a mill!!

  10. peter says:

    do you get a confirmation e mail from ‘the voice’ to know they got it

  11. Kevin Egan says:

    i am interested contact me at the above
    e-mail address
    thank you
    kind regards

  12. pauline smith here. would u be interested in what im doing. Im doing a SHOWCASE of young talented singers/muscians/dancers on Sat 8th Oct in Ramour Theatre Virgina, Co Cavan. I have 11 acts on stage – showwcasing their wonderful talents + gifts. It would be a great chance for The Voice of Ireland to come along and see whats going on in the Cavan Area and Catherine it would be so fantastic to see + meet you there. This is all voluntary work on my behalf and it is a novel idea to take these your people 0ut of a pub and let them perform in a Theatre envoirment – where people will actually sit & listen to them and have an enjoyable night. I also want so much for these talented adults to get up and enjoy themselves + end of nite all on stage. I would really appreciate if u Catherine or a talent scout would contact me about this Showcase. mob 0872800779 – 0r Cant you please reply to this email, i very much appreciate u taking the time to read it. ages range from 14 – 22 – all brillant performers who really want to get into this buisness – im just making it possible for them. thank you for your time. Kindest regards, Pauline mcdermott/smith. I ave a page on face just google Sat 8th Oct Showcase Ramour theatre.

  13. Andrerw says:

    I have filled the application form 3 times over the weekend without sucess,M y hp pc and samson phone does not support acc ogg or mp3 formate.How can i apply it seems unfair to limit the over 40s who do not have the where with all to convert files.
    In have both voice recordings and video ready to upload to application form.
    Dont waste you time applying to the voice.

  14. kate says:

    andrew copy ur video onto ur computer and add it as an attachment on there email address see if that works

  15. geraldine o brien says:

    Anyone want voice coaching/singing lesson

  16. Ive just realised that my hotmail account has crashed, i av sent u info re Sat 8th Oct Ramour Theatre Virginia Co Cavan. I invited a talent scout from your show to come along and view this 11 fantastic talented people who really want to get into the buisness. could somebody please confirm that it was recieved – im using the above email for the present – or mob 0872800779. thank u so much. kindest regards + thank you. pauline mcdermott/smith.

  17. lucy says:

    hi i have no idea how to send an application please help me find the application thanks

  18. Lisa Mc Garry says:

    Hiya i have tired to apply for the voice of Ireland at least 3 times an really interested in this but would just not work.I would love if someone could get in contact me or if there is a place i could print of the application form and post it away.

  19. Jean says:

    I have been trying to apply for the Voice of Ireland for my son but I can’t seem to get it to work and I actually didnt realise the closing date was today and I have no video clip of him. Can someone help me? I would also like to know what age do you have to be to audition?

    Im worried I wont get an application in on time and my son has been asking me for ages and I kept checking and I cant believe its today thats the last day. Please help.

  20. Clare King says:

    Hi I tried putting my application through twice today but it would not go through….

    Can somebody contact me regarding this??

  21. kate says:

    has anybody been called for the auditions thats on this weekend yet?

  22. Fiadh Lucey says:

    I was wondering when the auditions for the south are on. Please get back to me ASAP.

    Thank you 🙂

  23. colm anthony mcgowan says:

    hi i just found out about the show, is there any chance that i could still audition? realy dont wanna miss this chance

  24. sasha says:

    neither do i but i am going to addition anyway on the 15 of NOVEMBER

  25. caoimhe says:

    how do i enter the voice where r the appclitions

  26. david kelly says:

    i juss want to know wen the auditions are on in dublin is there still any chance i can audition

  27. Lauren says:

    What age do you have to be? And also how much are tickets for 2 people?

    Thanks just wondering!!!

  28. emma downes says:

    Hi only just heard about it and was wondering is it to late to apply

  29. Laura says:

    Hi I am interested can I please get a application form

  30. diana says:

    ahh please let me enter or tell me where my dream is to be a singer in 10 going 11 on valitine day i think i got the voice not only me my dad and my mam because when i started singing in front of then on christmas they both started crying please i beg just let me enter and i promis i wont let you down many many thx diana XxXx

  31. natasha kinsella says:

    hi my name is natasha im trying to apply for voice of ireland could you send me a form please xxxx

  32. danny says:

    hi how can i addition i am 11 years old and i want to sing for the voice of ireland
    many tanx danny

  33. Nathan devitt says:

    my name is Nathan Devitt I am 11 years I want to audition next year.I have lots of experience i am in a singing ,dance and acting group we enter competitions .I sang do you love me in my competitions.Ive been singing since i could talk the first song I could sing was puppy love ha ha. so pleeseeeeeeeeee pick me to audition

  34. wendy says:

    Hi is it too late to apply and could you please send me a application form cheers 🙂 xx

  35. steve fadoju says:

    hi I am interested can I please get a application i am 16 years old and i want to sing for the voice of ireland hope its not to late to pick me 🙁

  36. kris harrie says:

    how do u get the application forms guys ..some one help pliz.

  37. david says:

    what age do you have to be?

  38. david says:

    can i please gat an application

  39. david says:

    im 11 is that old enough

  40. saoirse says:

    Hi. Im just wondring am i to young to enter the voice of ireland.Im 10 but i really want to sing.I love it =)

  41. Damien Sherry says:

    Hi.I was just wondering when i can apply to take part in 2012.Information would be very much appreciated thankyou

  42. Caroline Sheridan says:

    Kate you said you have to be 18 to audition. up in the infirmation it says it doesnt matter about age,looks or apperance?

  43. Darren Collins says:

    Hi my name is Darren.I would like to audition for this year’s Voice Of Ireland 2012.Can you get back to me?.
    Yours Sincerely,

  44. Hi im shania and im 12 years old could someone please tell me when the auditons for 2012 are? i luv 2 sing ive been singing since i could talk please get back to me i really need to know thanks 🙂

  45. lisamarie says:

    Hi my name is lisamarie im just wondering how old do u have to be to auditon

  46. Debbie says:

    how do u apply 4 nxt year xx

  47. Michelle Collins says:

    Bla bla black sheep have you any wool , no sir no sir just a great voice , fan..tactic fan..tastic can you sing us a song ? No problem no problem just turn around , bla bla black sheep I’m going to press my button great sir great sir just don’t stare me down .

    Should be d song for the ad 😀

  48. Kellyann conlon says:

    when are the auditions for next year? x

  49. annette says:

    hi, i would like to apply for the voice for my boufriend. he does have the voice…..pls can ye help me.

  50. angelique says:

    how do i audition for this year or have i miss it or when can i apply for next year ?

  51. Roisin Emily Ann Donnelly King says:

    Hi, Hello heyy
    When are the additions on in the North hope you will reply and how Do you enter

  52. vanessa says:

    hiye just wondering how do i get an audition for voice of ireland 2012

  53. chloe says:

    when the next auddtions for next year voice of ireland

  54. cristian feinea says:

    hi. how do i get an audition for voice of ireland 2012please

  55. Declan Dempsey says:

    I cannot apply through the voice of Ireland website does anybody know how to obtain an application form or is there such a thing

  56. david kelly says:

    can i please get an application form to audition for the voice please 🙂

  57. holly says:

    hi my name is holly may white i realy want to be a singer on the voice of Ireland but i am 10 can you reply if you no if i am old enuf please i no allen on it go allen please help me i have been looking and looking for 7 years i love to sing and dance and act itb will be graet to have my dreams come trow please
    🙁 please if you tell me that i am old enuf i will be like this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):):):):):):

  58. gemma hutchinson says:

    want to sign up 4 the voice ireland wud u pleas get back to as soon as ye kan thank u very much gemma hutchinson x

  59. Livs says:

    Hi I am under 13 and i want to sign up for the voice for season 2 when r the auditions and am i able to audition or am i too young…

    Plz tell me A.S.A.P.


  60. Darren Collins says:

    Hi my name is Darren Collins, I would love to audition at voice of Ireland. if you could get back to me on my email, thank you. Darren

  61. Aidan Corrigan says:

    Hello, I’d like to step up and take a swing at this, please send me the appropriate material, thanks, Aidan.

  62. kate says:

    My name’s Kate Brennan and i love the voice of Ireland
    I’d love an aduition but im only 12.I just want to know the age limit.And how to get an audition.I really hope ll be able

  63. Sophie McCarthy says:

    Hello my name is sophie,
    I’m just wondering how to get an aplication form id love to do the show!!

  64. Sophie McCarthy says:

    and ive always wanted to be a singer all i do is sing sing sing 🙂 and if my dream came trew even for an audition to prove i can win i would be so greatful!
    this could really change my life and i just love it being on stage and singing for people and them just listening to me with enjoyment has to be the best feeling in the world i would be a great contestant because im not shy i love singing for crowds and i think i have a diffrent voice loads of people tell me to do xfactor and now the voice came ou and im so happy so if you would please let me apply for the show i would be sooo happy 🙂 all my love sophie mccarthy xx

  65. Caitlin says:

    Hi my Name is Caitlin. I am 8- I whould relly like to be on the vioce of ireland. Plese choses me my family are dpenden on it.;) xxx

  66. roisin says:

    hi, my passion is to sing, please contact me…. i am 14years old,was singing before i could talk!…..

    its my dream to follow my passion….


  67. Keith says:

    Hello, my name is Keith Moran, i am 16 years old and im a rapper and i was wondering if i could get an audition ? its my dream

  68. belinda says:

    where do i apply i need to audition?????

  69. lisa hallinan says:

    hey i was just wondering how do i apply for the voice of ireland next year get back to me asap

  70. lynn mahon says:

    how do u apply for this does any one know ??

  71. sorcha raoof says:

    I was wondering how do I audition for the 2012/2013 voice of Ireland? x

  72. Michael Brady says:

    I really wanna do the vice next year i love to sing a lot of them people have told me to do this but i never had it in me till knew

  73. sarah younes says:

    hi my name is sarah i am 22 years old i would love to audition for the voice of ireland. can u please tell me how to apply? thank you x

  74. alan smyth says:

    hi i would like to audition for next years voice of ireland how do i apply
    please thanks

  75. Aj says:

    How do u apply for 2012/2013 auditions??

  76. Film Ireland says:

    Aj. There’s no info up yet. Best to keep an eye on the RTE blog:

  77. alicemarie says:

    How do I apply for 2012/2013???

  78. Chantelle says:

    How do I get an application to audition?

  79. sophie mccarthy says:

    Hey how do i get an aplication for the voice 🙂

  80. Aoife Townsend says:

    hey i wat to apply for my friend to b on the voice she did singing at my wedding n is a amazing singer

  81. how do i get a audition for my daughter shes 26 says:

    she has sang with a grupe and solow songs of imelda may and edal

  82. Luke Towey says:

    Hi,I am 13 years old and I have always wanted to enter a singing competition. I was wondering what the age limit is to enter.

  83. Luke Towey says:

    It my dream to get a break in singing I have been told to enter competitions like this but never thought it through I can play guitar and sing I was the lead in my primary school play grease. And I won my secondary schools talent competition. I would really love to know am I able to enter at the age of 13!

  84. Luke Towey says:

    Oh and one more thing sorry! How do I apply?
    Contact me through my email

  85. linda brophy says:

    could i apply thankyou.

  86. marilin coughlan says:

    Hi I cannot locate the ‘place’ for application for the next (2013)Voice of Ireland auditions. I have tried over the weekend but to NO Avail?
    I am also aware that the deadline date is gone also. I live in the West of Ireland.

  87. Hello, My name is Colleen Martin I sent an application to the Voice of Ireland for an audition but did not get conformation back can u pls contact me at colmartin678 at and tell me if I am to recieve an email or was I declined pls let me know as soon as possible thank u very much. -Colleen

  88. garethphelan says:

    when are the audicions taking place an were

  89. Kayla Taaffe says:

    When do the audicions start for the viocve of ireland 2013? And where?

  90. Lisa Sheerin says:

    Hey! My name’s Lisa and i’m 13 years old! I was just wondering when the auditions for 2013 will be on? Thank you!:)

  91. Cian says:

    Heya I’m 14 can I audition

  92. jon raducan says:

    i have a better than 14 years and has a beautiful voice pleasant and i would like if i have an opportunity to hear from you,thank you

  93. daniel says:

    how do i go about getting on the voice of ireland

  94. Bronagh says:

    I am 23 years old and I would like to have an opportunity to have an audition in The Voice Ireland

  95. ahmed awad says:

    i would be happy to get an entrey to the voice

  96. kellie says:

    Hey I was just wondering how to apply for the 2013 additions?thanks

  97. ahmed awad says:

    please i need this i realy do please i wont disapiont

  98. Cara O' Connor says:

    Hi, Cara here, i’m 13 years old and I would love for a chance to be on the 2013 show! and i have always loved singing and at the moment i’m in a panto in Gorey, Wexford.. i would love if you could send me on an application! thanks, Cara xxx

  99. nora says:

    wen da additions ladz

  100. mary says:

    send me applacation now

  101. Amy says:

    Hi, I would like to know how to apply for the 2013 show.

  102. Andrea says:

    You can be any age, because they said at the start, age and appearance don’t matter as long as you can sing, so i’m pretty sure thats a yes

  103. caitlin mc cabe says:

    Hi!! are u aloud to be any age for the voice of Ireland I would really like to audition for the voice 2013!! i love to sing. It would be a dream come true. I am age 11 going on 12. I would just LOVE to be on the VOICE OF IRELAND xD

  104. Lisa says:

    What age do you have to be?

  105. Ava says:

    Love kian and sharon brassie is sush a show of if he is the only one turned around i’d give it a pass .Has anybody been picked

  106. jen says:

    how do you apply

  107. allie says:

    whats the link for the applications 2013/2014 ?? 🙁

  108. Amanda says:

    Hi when are the application forms out for the audition 2014.

  109. Kayleigh Gibson says:

    Hi. Im 17 and i want to audition for the 2014 voice. Can you please send me an application so i can fill it out and send it back asap please and thanks :).
    I know its a very popular competition and places are limited which is why im sending this early dissapointment for myself. Please reply quick, thanks 🙂

  110. Katrina says:

    hey could you please send the application for 2014 to my email as i would like to try out for the comp thanks very much katrina 🙂 ..

  111. Stephen says:


    Any chance you can send me an application for the 2014 show
    I would love to audition.


  112. Niamh Nolan says:


    Could you send me a link to the application form for the 2014 auditions?


    Niamh 🙂

  113. Andrea Mac says:


    Could you send me the application/link for the 2014 auditions to my e-mail address ?

    Thanks a mill,


  114. Shauna fennell says:

    Hi , can u please send me an application form . Thank you.

  115. kamil says:

    hi can you send me an aplication form for 2014


  116. lisa says:


    could you please send me the application form for 2014 auditions to my e-mail?



  117. Hi

    I really want to audition for the voice of Ireland
    It’s my dream that what I want always get what I want

    Please I need that application for 2014
    My birthday is coming up this October

    Send. That to me before my birthday


    Sarah Carroll
    Ps. I am incredable singer I am vocally talent
    Have been practising lots

  118. Beverly Mulberry says:

    could you please send me an application form for the 2014 auditions 🙂

  119. Emma Cartmill says:

    Hi could you send me a link for applying for the next series? Thanks!

  120. nikita says:

    hi my name is Nikita I am 16 years old am I to young to inter the voice 2014 I love sining its my dream to be a country singer some day. I am goodat singing garth brooks. I sing in the key of 7. I am in intrested in country music. PLEASE GET BACK AN LET ME NOW????????

  121. cristian feinea says:

    hi. my name is cristian feinea .from clonee db 15 . i really want to go for. voice of ireland audition.the next one .it.s my dreamplease can u help me .. thank u…

  122. nik says:

    are the voice doing a series 3 and if so how do you apply?

  123. Áine says:

    Hi I just want to know what age can you be when you can audition? Coz I got my Junior Cert this year and I want to audition when I get into 4th year. I’m only 13 and I need to know if you have to be over 16 to audition? Can someone tell me?

  124. ann marie boyle says:

    I would like to know when the next auditions for the Voice of Ireland will be.
    Not for myself but for my son Joe O’Donnell Boyle from Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

    Thanking you in advance

    Ann Marie Boyle

  125. carla says:

    Hi my name is carla i was thinking of entering my best friend in to the show shes an amazing singer but the only problem is im confussed about how you apply if you now please reply xxxx 🙂

  126. Yasmin Walker says:


  127. Anthony McDonagh says:


    Could you send me the application/link for the 2014 auditions to my e-mail address

    Anthony MacDonagh

  128. Anthony McDonagh says:


    Could you send me the application/link for the 2014 auditions to my e-mail address

  129. Susan Sweeney says:

    Hi could you send me an application link for the Voice auditions please?

  130. Janet O'Brien says:

    Wen are audtions nd where can u get an application 🙂

  131. cathy says:

    is it to late to leave an application if not can you send me on one please thanks

  132. Chris says:

    Hi could you tell me when the applications for 2014 are available? It is for my sister. She’s 18 and she’s so good! She needs to go on something! Also, does the show clash with leaving cert?

  133. Ricardo Christie says:


    Auditions for 2013 /2014 ?



  134. Olivia says:

    Hello, I would love to audition for this year’s competition , how can I apply?

    Thank you in advance

  135. diana keenan says:

    what is the website for the applications for 2014/2015??

  136. diana keenan says:

    can you send me the link to my e-mail address please
    thank you,.

  137. Tanya daly says:

    hi I was wondering could I audition for the voice of Ireland I really want to make my mammy proud

  138. Laura Murnaghan says:

    Hi my name is Laura and PLEASE can someone send me the link for sign up for the 2015 show? Music is my life and I wanna audition. I’m 13 am I too young? Thanks.


  139. Laura Cremin.. says:

    I’m 21 years old. I like singing and I would to at least try to do it professionally. I have been thinking about entering the show for a while and have finally plucked up the courage I would really appreciate if you or a member of your tear could e-mail me the application form or a link if you get the chance. Thanks very much.
    Laura Cremin

  140. sophie says:

    At age do u have to be to audition

  141. Sophie O'Brien says:

    Hey I was wondering if yous could send me an application form for the voice 2014. It’s for my dad and it’s one if his dreams to go on to your show he has an amazing voice and all his kids want to see him live his dream. So it would be amazing if you send me an application for for him to my email. Thanks 🙂

  142. Ray Weldon says:

    When do the auditions for 2014 start and where do i apply to?

  143. Niamh Collins says:

    Can someone please send me the application form/link to apply for the voice 2015?

    Thanks in advance guys!

  144. Lauren says:

    If someone could send me an application for the 2014/2015 auditions please 🙂

  145. Lauren says:

    Hi i am wondering if you could send me an application for 2014 please as it is for my dad i just want to make his dream come true. I want to hand him a letter for his birthday to say that he has an audition in 2014. I just really want to make him happy.
    Thank you 🙂

  146. Carmel Whelan says:

    When do 2015 auditions start please

  147. mikey mccarthy says:

    Hi i am wondering if you could send me an application for the voice 2015 please as it is for myself i just want to make my dream come true. thanks can wait hear from you

  148. When do 2015 auditions start please

  149. emily rogers says:

    hi just wondering when the 2015 auditions are ?

  150. wiktoria says:

    lads im just wondering what age do you have to be to enter the voice i really wanna

  151. simona says:

    Hi,just wondering when the 2015 auditions are and what age do you have to enter(for my daughter is 11).
    And if is to late for auditions if you can direct me to other shows where my daughter can perform.Thank you so much Simona

  152. mikey mccarthy says:

    how do i sign up help me plesese anyone

  153. winnie ward says:

    I would like to go on the voice how do I get in for the auditions

  154. Susan o Gorman says:

    I would like to go on the voice of Ireland.
    How do I go about it.

  155. maryellen says:

    Hi i was just wondering if theirs an audition on handy i absoulotley love singing if theirs not theirs always another time thank you

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