'Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien' wins 'Directors Choice' award at Sacramento Film and Music Festival

Sé Merry Doyle and Jimmy Murakami

Sé Merry Doyle’s documentary Jimmy Murakami – Non Alien has won the director’s choice award at the Sacramento Film and Music Festival.

Murakami who is best known for his  work on The Snowman and When the Wind Blows has lived in Ireland for over forty years. However the documentary explores a period of his life that has, until now, remained hidden.

At the age of seven he and his family were incarcerated in Tule Lake Concentration Camp in Northern California, after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Considered a threat to national security they spent four years in the camp where, along with many thousands of Japanese-Americans, they suffered countless humiliations and an enormous loss of freedom. Now in early retirement, he has decided to return to this period of his life by creating a series of stunning paintings that illuminate his memories of prison life.

The documentary follows Murakami on an emotional return to Tule Lake.

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