Actor and Actress Required for Micro Budget Short

Super Evil Dinosaur Productions are currently seeking both a male and female lead for the  micro budget short film Factor 50, auditions are on Friday 2nd September.

Factor 50 is a dark comedy narrating a middle-aged couples’ domestic disputes against the backdrop of nuclear Armageddon.

We urgently need the following;

Man 35- 50 years old

Woman 35- 50 years old.


Male Lead- A suitable actor should ideally be expressive, comfortable delivering dialogue on camera and possess good comic timing.

Female Lead- A suitable actress should ideally be confident, comfortable in her skin and able to bring physicality to the role.

For more information on the movie & the upcoming auditions, please email your CV, headshots, showreel links & details to;

Also you can find us on facebook (search- Super Evil Dinosaur Productions)

Please note- This is a micro-budget short, so unfortunately we are unable to pay any cast or expenses beyond what is reasonable. However anyone who takes part will obviously be credited and receive a copy to add to their show-reel.

This film is being made for entry into domestic film festivals and competition with a view to marketing our short abroad. We are aiming high with this project and you should too!


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