Details on how to apply for RTÉ's talent show 'The Voice of Ireland' coming soon

| August 26, 2011 | Comments (46)

The Voice is coming to Ireland!

This autumn, RTÉ will be launching a spectacular new talent search-The Voice of Ireland hosted by Kathryn Thomas.


Already a huge hit in the USA and Holland, The Voice is now coming to Ireland to uncover the best undiscovered talent the country has to offer.


Four famous coaches who are at the top of their game in the music business will be competing to secure the best vocalists from the auditions to mentor and guide to victory.


Different to all other talent shows, The Voice is looking for real vocal talent only. The first stage in the contest is the unique Blind Audition, where coaches hear contestants perform but don’t see them, meaning everyone is judged on vocal talent alone. Appearance, age, style don’t come into it-this competition is all about the Voice, not the looks!


The blind auditions are followed by the battle stages, where each coach pits two of their contestants against each other, where only one will make it through to the live stage shows. Our four coaches, together with their professional teams, will use their knowledge and experience to help the contestants to make the most of their potential.  

But ultimately only one person can emerge as The Voice of Ireland and win a recording contract with Universal Music.


Screentime Shinawhil are launching this fantastic new production in less than 2 weeks.

We will publish all details on how to apply for the show on as soon as we receive them.




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Comments (46)

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  1. pauline mcder/smith says:

    Dear Catherine. this sounds like a bril idea. im puttin on a SHOWCASE on sat 8th Oct next in the ramour theatre Virginia Co Cavan for young 18+ to show their gifts music/song/dance/ in a fun envoirnment- with no judges – NO NO videos cameras stuck in their face – just to enjoy their gifts for family +friends. Its a massive undertaking for me – iv been on the road gigging for the past 16 yrs im tryin now to give back + encourage young talented people. I just want them to have fun on stage. if u woulds like to get in touch please do. would love your advice support. This is a whole new concept to bring musicans to a theatre without alcohol being involved. I hope you like my idea and mite consider coming along to see Cavans new kids on the block. I appreciate if u read thanks + reply.

    pauline mc dermott

  2. yvonne kelly says:

    Hi Just want to know when the auditions are being held for The Voice.


  3. laura powell says:

    hi it is laura powell here i am very good at singing,rockstar and DJ i was thinking i was going to go on the the voice of ireland talent show 2011 as a band called 24 Diamonds.The people who are going to be in it is me,my brother jamie,my dad, my mum,my cousins, my aunt and my freind email me bak as soon as you can thank you

  4. jenny says:

    hey i really wwant to enter it !!! make sure to email me the details if you can !! thanks so much oh ya is there any age limit…!

  5. Film Ireland says:

    Hi Jenny, Laura,Yvonne & Pauline

    thanks for your comments.

    Screentime Shinawhil are launching this fantastic new production in less than 2 weeks, keep an eye on our website
    for details on how to apply.

    Watch this space…

  6. Brewster says:

    Hi oould you please tell me when the audtions are been held i live in Dublin thank you

  7. kate says:

    are the auditions gonna be nationwide or just dublin ?and are the pre auditions gona be blind aswell?

  8. CATHRIONA says:

    please mail me when i can enter an where i can audition

  9. geraldine o brien says:

    Hello Laura…I filled out form for the show. It didnt submit for me . I’m singer. I was a vocal trainer for a few years. I would love the chance to take part in the talent show. You can check out my pictures on my face book page. . Kind regards geraldine o brien

  10. geraldine o brien says:

    hello Laura,, i filled out an application form on line and it would not submit,, i would be delighted to take part. i am 40 years old. singing all my life..i was also teaching vocal training up till recently for a few years.. i would love the opportunity to do the audition for the show.. i have four children and a grand child so i dont get to sing half as much on stage as i would like will see pictures of me on face kind regards….ger x

  11. marianne hennihar says:

    Hi every time i try to apply for my daughter it wont go through please advise.

  12. Hello Laura, I have filled out an application form for my daughter Niamh several times and kept sending it but it would not send. She up on youtube at Niamh singing ‘Take a bow’, Hope you can find if. Please confirm if this application has been received.

    Thanks and best wishes

  13. Carly says:

    Can i not sign up now it says its over?

  14. Emma Copeeland says:

    Hi, my daughter Emma worked very hard on her application for ‘the voce’filled in the application correctly and fulfilled all the requirements. When Emma tried to send her application clicking ‘apply’it just would not send. Emma prepared and sent her application well in advance of the 19thand tried several times but it just would’nt work. She is very dissapointed.

  15. Ptricia Robinson says:

    I would love to enter “The Voce”talant show

    please can you let me know when you are holding the auditions

    many thanks

    Pricia Robinson

  16. Mark Dunne says:

    Hi I only heard about the show that is to be released early next year, is it too late to audition, as Im am writing this comment on behalf of a friend who has got RAW talent and just needs to be given a chance. Could you please let me know either way
    Thank you

  17. natasha kinsella says:

    hi there my name is natasha i would love to sing on voice of ireland were do i apply xxx

  18. Joanna says:

    hi catherine just watching the show for the first time and i would love to audition for 2012 so can you please email me on the above email address to let me know whens the next auditions and were are they on thanks look forward hearing from you soon!

  19. Chloe says:

    how do i sign up chapz;D

  20. Chloe Conlon says:

    hello there sexy face kian !! when are the auditions and where:*?

  21. jadean says:

    i would like do no when its on because i went to be in it 🙂

  22. cathy furlong says:

    will there be any more audition i would love to aply
    if there was thanks

  23. samantha kelly says:

    hi just woundering when the addutions for voice of Ireland are. have a daughter whohas a really nice voice i even turn of x factor to here her sing.She sings for us all at christmas time her voice is really beautiful. even her teachers are commenting on her voice yous will have to hear her.

  24. natasha says:

    when are the next auditions for the voice id love to try it for the craic… 🙂

  25. paul says:


    I’ve written and recorded 3 songs if any artists singers are looking for new material there available.



  26. Sarah Dooley says:

    Can you let me know what age do you have to be to enter the voice.

  27. sirrell says:

    hi how old do u have 2 be to enter the voice of ireland please let me know 🙂

  28. sirrell says:

    do dey have auditions in cork 🙂 <3 thanx :v

  29. Hi my name is megan flemming all my friends think I have a wonderful voice and im coming on the show this year coming. At the moment I am in sixth class and am 11 years old I want to know if next year when im still 11 if I can sing on your show. 🙂 thank you if you read the letter and respond

  30. cristian feinea says:

    how can apply for new audition vice of irelan 2012 please

  31. gemma says:

    when does next season start because i really want to audition?

  32. Aidan Corrigan says:

    really wanna have a shot at this,when’s the auditions????????????

  33. hazel :) says:

    when are the adiotions this year? 🙂

  34. louise raymond says:

    when does the auditions start for 2012 and what age do u have to be x

  35. Katie says:

    when do the auditions start and do u have to be a certain age… i have not got the est confidence but i just love singing.. wha would u recommend i do ? x

  36. Kelly says:

    Hi I’m trying to apply for the voice and it won’t let me can anyone help me please in wat to do?

  37. chantelle says:

    hi is it to late to audition for the voice of ireland 2013 thanks

  38. catherine gallagher says:

    hi can u send me details of how to enter my daughter into ur show thankyou

  39. Margaret says:

    would like to know when and where can i enter for the voice of Ireland 2014

  40. Tanya daly says:

    hi I would like to apply for the voice I really want to do my county proud

  41. Bobbi keane says:

    hi does anyone know when i can apply for the voice 2017 i really want to audition but dont want to miss the deadline , also is there an age limit.

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