Healthy Second Week US Box Office figures for 'The Guard'

Element Pictures’ The Guard took in $194,000 this past weekend August 5-7th in the US bringing its total to $309,000.  But once again it is its average revenue per screen that is worth shouting about. 

According to, The Guard’s $10,211 average on 19 screens made it one of the most successful films last weekend.  New blockbuster Rise of the Planet of the Apes topped the both total gross with $54 million and average revenue per screen with $14,803.

The only other films to beat The Guard’s average in the top 48 were thriller Gun Hill Road on 3 screens with $12,600 per screen, and Bellflower, a film written, directed, produced, edited by and starring Evan Glodell, on 2 screens with $12,000 per screen.

More evidence for The Guard that ‘if you screen it, they will come’.  We are looking forward to next Monday’s totals as it is released on more screens.


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