Monetise Your Movies – Beyond Tv Seminar

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Filmbase hosted a seminar called Beyond TV last night. At it Rubberbandits manager Joe Clarke and Sofia’s Diary producer Triona Campbell passed on their hard earned lessons about monetising web content. Film Ireland’s Ross Whitaker attended and here’s what he thinks he learned….

1. Discoverability – you can’t be discovered if you haven’t done anything, so the Rubberbandits created lots of free content before they ever made money from their content.

2. Small sales are better than no sales. Grow your audience so that a large number of small sales can lead to a decent amount of revenue.

3. Make connections – websites are hungry for content and you’re hungry for views.

4. Use existing websites – there are all sorts of websites out there that curate and pass on content they like. Figure out who they are and connect.

5. Commercialise your offering – be aware of how revenue streams come from websites like youtube. ‘Horse Outside’ was only commercialised half way through its run and thousands of euros were lost as a result.

6. Use youtube as a social network – just like Facebook and Twitter, Youtube is a social network, so think of way to build subscribers who will be therefore aware of each video you put up and therefore more likely to watch and pass on. The Rubberbandits are very focussed on this now.

7. Manage your subscribers – if you have success with your work, try to ‘own’ your subscribers and encourage them to move with you to your other projects.

8. Make a product you can sell – the revenues from Youtube alone can be fairly small (3 Euro per 1000 hits even with your site fully monetised), so use your following to encourage people to buy products you make – books, DVDs, live concerts, songs on iTunes etc.

9. Numbers are everything – brands will only be interested in connecting with your offering if you can demonstrate that you have the attention of a critical mass of people.


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