We Love… Summer: 'X-Men'

We Love... Summer

Illustration: Adeline Pericart

Blisters on your shoulders, sand in your underwear, coughing up seawater and being packed into a caravan with the entire extended family – the sweet, sweet memories of summer’s past. Thank God we have film to look back on with pleasure. And so the Film Ireland sun lovers lay down their towels, unwrap a Cornetto and recall their favourite summer films in the latest installment of We Love… Summer. Roxane J. Ray sunbathes watching X-Men.



Roxane J. Ray

When one thinks of summer movies, one arguably tends to think of action movies, or comedies. Summer is about entertainment and light-hearted stories, not a time for psychological drama. But summer is also a time of self-discovery and empowerment, which is why I suggest X-Men as a summer movie choice.

This is not just because the X-Men prequel that has just been released, which naturally perhaps associates this franchise with summer. The theme of X Men is about normal people who develop extraordinary powers; people who journey away from their home to find a place where they belong.

The first X-Men film is where this theme is most prominently illustrated. It centres around Rogue, a mutant who is unable to touch anyone without assimilating their powers, memories, and potentially even killing them. She daydreams about taking a road trip, just before she finally does, after an unfortunate incident involving touching a boy who then ended up in a coma.

Granted, it’s winter when she takes a road trip with another fellow traveller, Wolverine, but the idea of travel away from one’s comfort zone and the escape from daily life is something that we can all associate with summer.

Rogue gets more than she bargained for; not just a trip away from home but a new home, and a chance to attain what she always wanted for herself: a normal life. Summer is not just about discovering new sides to ourselves but also rediscovering what we thought we had lost, such as our dreams.




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