Large quantity of documents donated to Film Archive

To mark thirty years since the establishment of the Irish Film Board in July 1981, Michael Algar has donated his collection of Film Board documentation to the Irish Film Archive. Algar was first Chief Executive of the Board until it was wound-up in autumn 1987.

Amongst the documents are bound copies of the minutes of all ninety-one Board meetings, as well as memoranda, speeches, reports and discussion documents by the Chief Executive. Also included are reviews of the Board and proposals regarding production financing and Ardmore Studios. Algar has included personal correspondence regarding his own appointment and the termination of his contract. Much of the documentation has been digitised for easier access.

The collection includes memoranda produced during the passage of legislation to establish the Board, as well as previous documents such as the 1968 Huston Committee report, Louis Marcus’ 1967 articles regarding the film industry, and the original Film Industry Bill 1970.

Board publications include the report of a Public Hearing in 1982, annual reports and accounts, a review of statistical data in 1984, a survey of international procedures by Neville Presho in 1984, and the statement issued by the Board following the government decision to close in 1987. There are also bound scripts of “Angel”, “The Outcasts” and “Attracta”, which were the first three fiction films financed by the Board. Nineteen volumes of parliamentary debates are included, covering both the enactment of legislation to establish the Film Board in 1980 and debates regarding its closure in 1987.

Algar said, “I’m pleased that these important documents in the development of Ireland’s film industry will now be preserved and available for research in the coming years. The first Film Board laid the groundwork for the healthy film industry we have today. Over the six years of that Board, ten feature films were part-financed. Currently, more than that number is produced each year now. With very limited resources and a staff of three, the Board assisted a wide variety of film activity, from production and development finance to training and marketing.”


The documents in detail are:

Bound Minutes of Board meetings 1-91

Bound scripts:


The Outcasts




Letter of appointment as Board member

Warrant of appointment as Board member

Letter of appointment as Chief Executive

Letter to Department re consultancy

Response of Department re consultancy

Chief Executive:

1982 review

1983 Celtic Festival speech

1984 Cannes diary

1984 Ardmore Studios report

1985 review of Board activity

1985 review of Board operational methods

1985 European Film Festival speech

1986 memo re Board operational structure

1986 discussion document

1986 memo re tax incentives

1986 Eh Joe screening speech

1986 memo re Board executive structure

Film Board:

Board members 1981-87

1981-82 Annual Report and Accounts

1982 Proceedings of public hearing

1983 Annual report and Accounts

1985 “Irish Films” booklet

1985 review

1985 review additional information

1985 production financing proposal

1987 “Films in Focus” booklet

1987 statement re closure

1981-87 filmography


1983 Presho report

1984 review of statistical data

1986 Huston telegram re Ardmore Studios

1992 report of Working Group

Pre Film Board:                 1967 Louis Marcus articles

1968 Film Industry Committee report

1980 “Yellow Book” amendments to Film Board Bill

Parliamentary debates on Film Board and Ardmore Studios – 19 volumes

Film Industry Bill 1970

Irish Film Board Bill 1979 with explanatory memorandum

National Film Studios of Ireland Limited Bill 1979

Irish Film Board Act 1980





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