Funding campaign for documentary by the makers of 'Forty Foot'

Last week the makers of Forty Foot launched a crowd funding campaign through IndieGoGo for their new short doc City Wild, about the Phoenix Park from the perspective of the resident rangers and keepers; what life is like inside the park and their work in maintaining a balance between its wild and historic features and being a recreational public space.
They are currently in preproduction and, like their previous short Forty Foot, they will film this on their own time and resources but are looking for enough funding from the public for post, music and distribution, including festivals -which cost quite a bit for Forty Foot. The campaign is going well but they need a lot of support and a lot of people giving little as €5 to help them reach their target.
The pitch video explains everything:

Just in case people are not familiar with crowd funding, there’s a page on the film’s website which explains how it works and a video which shows how safe and easy is to contribute to City Wild through IndieGoGo:

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