One Hundred Mornings

One Hundred Mornings


DIR/WRI: Conor Horgan • PRO: Katie Holly • DOP: Suzie Lavelle • ED: Frank Reid • DES: Lucy van Lonkhuyzen • Cast: Ciarán McMenamin, Alex Reid, Kelly Campbell, Rory Keenan


Conor Horgan’s debut feature, One Hundred Mornings, is a post-apocalyptic film set in rural Ireland. An unmentioned catastrophe has seen the end of technology, energy and communication, and two couples are weathering the disaster in a lakeside cabin. Times begin to get difficult as food gets scare, and the already frayed relationships within the group begin to bend and snap as they do what’s necessary to survive.


Although a great piece of filmmaking, One Hundred Mornings is let down somewhat by the lack of warmth and likeability in its main characters. This, along with the increasingly unfortunate plot twists and relentless tension means it’s quite a challenging film to watch. Nonetheless, it’s a must-see; being clever, well-made and featuring some great performances. One Hundred Mornings also touches on some thought-provoking concepts, and is a breath of fresh air from the bog-standard, end-of-the-world flicks that get churned out of Hollywood.


It’s also nice to see that even after society breaks down, people continue to cut and maintain lovely lawns.


Gemma Creagh


Rated 15A (see IFCO website for details)

One Hundred Mornings is released on 6th May 2011

One Hundred Mornings – Official Website



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