LIT FF: Scriptwriting Workshop & The Behind the Scenes Film Network event

LIT FF: Scriptwriting Workshop
LIT Millennium Theatre
Thursday 14th of April at 5pm

I have the unusual task of reporting on the workshop I gave myself. The workshop took about forty minutes and was on the art of screenwriting. There was a good crowd considering that it was a bright Thursday evening.

The workshop began with a brief outline of my qualifications and experience. I also explained that forty minutes was not enough to cover all the aspects of a script but that it would get people started.

The workshop covered topics like: what is a screenplay, planning a script, how to think visually, script structure, the standard industry script format, some of the pitfalls and details of some of the freeware script packages that are available online.

The session ended with a demonstration of the Celtx online script package which highlighted some of its features and versatility. There was a brief questions and answers session at the end.

Overall the session went really well and everyone asked for the notes to be emailed to them at the end.

Eleanor McSherry

LIT FF: Behind the Scenes Film Network event
Absolute Hotel
Thursday 13th of April, 7pm

This evening’s offering was titled ‘speed networking’. It was hosted by Mark Griffin and Maeve McGrath, both committee members from Behind the Scenes Film Network. There was a good turn out as the workshop began. Maeve and Mark started the session by explaining what the evening was about.

The basic premise was ‘to sell yourself in five minutes’. You could talk about your qualifications,  current project, work or previous work, what you’d hope to do in the future, show a showreel, a powerpoint presentation, trailer, work from notes or just wing it.

It was a good way to practice for a competition interview or when you meet a perspective producer/director/agent. It wasn’t as easy as you’d think! Five minutes mightn’t seem that long but if you haven’t done much it seems like a lifetime. Everyone was refreshingly honest about their work which seemed to be much appreciated.

There was an eclectic mix of talent on show. A rapper/musician, a bunch of independent filmmakers, a media training businessman, an actress/PR/drama teacher/casting expert, a scriptwriter/journalist, media lecturer/film networker and plenty of film students. It all made for a very interesting evening!

Eleanor McSherry


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