Your Highness

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Your Highness

DIR: David Gordon Green • WRI: Danny McBride, Ben Best • PRO: Peter McAleese, Scott Stuber, Danny McBride • DOP: Tim Orr • ED: Craig Alpert • DES: Mark Tildesley• Cast: Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, Zooey Deschanel, James Franco, Justin Theroux

Sweet, clever and very, very funny; there hasn’t been a comedy this hilarious since that youtube video I watched on my iPhone – just before I got kicked of the Luas for laughing so hard I nearly got sick.

Oh wait, now the many, many drugs I had taken are beginning to wear off….

As soberness takes that fuzzy filter off, the film that had previously seemed such an insightful parody, now, well… maybe not so much. Let me take you through it: Danny McBride plays Thadious, James Franco’s, eh, younger brother and son to King Tallious. The old one-sided sibling rivalry flares up like a bout of herpes when the heroic Fabious (Franco) returns from a dangerous mission. He arrives with a beautiful new fiancé, Belladona, and significantly less beautiful severed Cyclops head.

On the day of the wedding, Thadious decides to sit it out and instead smoke ye olde weede, avoiding his duties as best man. However in his absence, tragedy ensues. The evil sorcerer Leezar attacks the ceremony, taking away Fabious’s missus-to-be with the intention of raping her when the Kingdom’s two moons collide to produce a dragon baby. Together the two princes and Knights, (including the handsome red-head from Band of Brothers) must go on a dangerous mission to save her; crossing paths with pervy Muppet-wizards, dismembered members and an Oscar-winning Natalie Portman.

For those not in the know, this was shot up North. There are a number of familiar sights featured in the film, such as the Giant’s Causeway and some deadly old castles. I even saw an old buddy extra-ing it, and the Northie accent can be heard yelling during a barfight scene, all giving it a nice bit of local flavor.

Alright, so this probably won’t get Nats Oscar® number two for best supporting actress, nor will it go down in history as the greatest comedic film of our time – but what it will do is make you laugh. It’s a stoner film: zany, idiotic and completely over the top – and it’s a decent stoner film. Unlike a lot of spoof films, which usually rely on the one joke, over and over, there’s a consistent vein of humour throughout. Nothing mind blowing mind you, but enough to power through. There’s a decent bit of (and by ‘decent bit of’, I do mean ‘some’) character development, and it pokes fun at the oh-so-serious adventure genre, which I did enjoy.

It’s an odd mix for the audience –  the humour is very immature, yet the swearing and sexual references are pretty explicit. And the fact that there’s a close up of Natalie’s bum, confirms that this flick is one for the teenage boys. It will probably do most of it’s financial damage on DVD, where the 16s rating has less of a sway, what with all the naïve mums out there (‘Yes mum, it IS on the junior cert syllabus. See, it’s set in the past!’).

As long as you’re not expecting anything Gourmet, Your Highness shouldn’t disappoint. It’s really the Kebab of films: you know it’s not good for you, but enjoy it anyway – and it ALWAYS tastes better under the influence.

Gemma Creagh

Rated 16 (see IFCO website for details)
Your Highness is released on 15th April 2011

Your Highness – Official Website



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