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LIT Film Festival

Student Film Screenings Day 1

As part of the LIT festival, a number of short films were screened on the afternoon of Wednesday, 13 April in Limerick IT. This was the first day of three with all films featured in competition and the winner will be announced on Friday, 15th April.

The screening lasted two hours and in that short time fourteen short films were shown. Each film offered the audience something different and they were brilliantly written and shot, and were directed, produced, and edited to a high standard. The film Alfred by Triu Suil was something Alfred Hitchcock himself would have been proud of. Its shots reminded me of a number of Hitchcock’s greatest films such as Vertigo and Rear Window. The film DJ by Bray Institute of Further Education reminded me of an episode of Skins, and was very well written and acted.

The film Angel, by Limerick College of Further Education was touching and thought provoking and the short horror film The Elwood Killings by I Cant Productions, reminded me of the film Saw, mixed with The Blair Witch Project and really enjoyed it. The film Forgiven by Bray Institute of Further Education was beautifully shot, excellently acted, and wonderfully directed. I also loved the film Once upon a time in Siberia, by Limerick School of Art and Design which was cute, clever and excellent. A further film by LIT was a tribute to the Irish writer Padraig O’Conaire was an excellently researched, informative, and interesting documentary. One my favourite things about the screenings was the way in which a number of different entries to this festival were mini news reports . These news reports raised important issues in today’s society such as road safety, racism, and the regeneration project in Limerick and presented these topics in an exciting, informative and interesting fashion.

Aoife Danagher

Competition Screenings Day 2

Simon McGuire, LIT Film Festival Chairman, gave a brief introduction to day two’s screening. He just told the audience to enjoy!

This was a real mixed bag of films that not only differed in length and genre but also in quality. The screening consisted of nineteen films,  there were a couple about the police, a bunch of horrors, a documentary, a couple of mockumentaries, one or two on criminality, some great dramas and a group of arty films that were just a bit weird!

Most of the films were made by students but there were also some independent filmmakers in there too. Though I would dearly love to mention all of them I can’t but some do deserve a mention.

The Island (available to view on YouTube here) was made by Fishbowl Youth and was 8 minutes 45 seconds. It was about three young lads setting off in a boat before landing on an island. Yes, you’ve guessed it! All was not well on the island. There were some technical hitches but overall it was quiet a good story and well executed.

Starstruck (also available to view on YouTube here) was made by TwoToe Films Ltd and was 10 minutes 28 seconds. This film was about two aspiring young dancers who were trying to get to a dance competition in Cork. This film was funded by the Filmbase/RTE short script award which gave it a distinct advantage. Though in saying that it had a great simple script, great actors and a talented director/scriptwriter. A very enjoyable film!

Check (Full trailer available to view on YouTube here) was made by Apate Films and it was 16 minutes and 29 seconds. It was a subtle tale about a young man’s psychological torment after his girlfriend’s suicide. It used black and white flashbacks and a weird parallel chess game to illustrate the pain of the main character. This script might need a few tweaks but it was a very clever film.

Last, but not least, my personal favourite  He Waits by 50lb Films which clocks in at 5mins 30 seconds. This was an exceptionally funny mockumentary. If I give you the plot, it will give the whole thing away. Needless to say it had a very subtly funny, unique script that didn’t give up the twist until near the end. It left the whole audience in stitches!

Eleanor McSherry

Competition Screenings Day 3

Due to technical difficulties, the 12.00pm screening of 8 short films at the LIT film festival had to be postponed. However, we did get the chance to watch 2 of the short films made by Steven Boland. The staff kindly provided the facility to screen the films in an alternative room.

Room with a Bay View was the first short film shown. It is a quirky and humorous slasher-horror shot in Kilkee, Co.Clare in late October and early November. It was a very well put together film and in particular the use of light was excellent. Coloured lighting set the tone of each scene and was also used to emphasise particular objects or events taking place in a very effective way.  The ‘serial killer’, played by Peadar Clancy was fun and the innuendo filled humour added to the quirky feel of the movie. All in all, a greatly put together piece that was thoroughly enjoyable. Steven Boland wrote and directed the film, and Philip Greaney co-directed.

The second film was a 40-second animation called Gustav Gets the Ride. It was an adaptation and interpretation of Gustav Kilmt’s ‘The Kiss’. This was also a thoroughly enjoyable piece and the director’s use of After Effects and Photoshop to portray a cool jazz vibe was fantastic.

If Steve’s short films were anything to go by, the other short pieces would have been well worth checking out. However as technical difficulties are part of the business, we were grateful to be given the opportunity to see some of the films!

The other films we didn’t get a chance to see were:

James Skerritt Glass

Ronan Cassidy Rugby A Love Affair

Ronan Cassidy Leslie Carter Irish Muslim

Vadzim Sasnouski Tost Dorcha An Gheimhridh

Kevin Glynn In The Open

Kevin Glynn Express Checkout

Alan McAuliffe


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