LIT FF: The opening of the 2011 LIT Film Festival

LIT Film Festival

Belltable Arts Centre Monday the 11th April at 8pm

The Film Forum in Limerick’s Belltable Arts Centre hosted the opening of the 2011 LIT Film Festival. This was the first session in a jam-packed week.

This session was an unusual, innovative and excellent way to open the festival, as it didn’t actually involve a film per se! It was in fact, a rehearsed reading of part of a feature-length film by independent Mid-West based filmmaker, Dermott Petty.

Dermott opened the proceedings by introducing his film script ‘Time Travel & The Leaving Cert’. He stated that the ‘the script does exactly as it says on the tin’ and he was absolutely right, as it was a film about time travel and the leaving cert.

It was twenty-nine pages in length. The session took about forty minutes. It was broken down into three sections and different parts of the film, which gave a good overview of the plot and narrative. Dermott introduced each section with a brief account of what was coming up in the next piece. The reading featured twelve local actors: Tom Muldowny, Stuart Mackey, Jared Nadin, Eoin Seamus Kelly, Gerr Meaney, Joanne O’Brien, Chris Rowley, Karen Fitzgibbon, Shane O’Brien, Marie Boylan, Maeve McGrath and Stephanie O’Keeffe.

The basic plot, without giving too much away, is that it’s a West of Ireland-based historical comedy about a teenager who’s about to sit the Leaving Cert. He gets thrown to and from the past at the same point in time when he finds a wormhole in a field. He also has other normal teenage issues to deal with, such as; romance, teenage angst, bullying, medieval warriors, battles, a smart mouth and mad parents. As if those issues weren’t enough, he also had to contend with the Leaving Cert. What more could you want!

There was a great Q&A session after the reading with Dermott and the audience. It brought up issues of funding, independent production and its likeness/difference from other time travel movies. Dermott assured the audience that this film would, in its finished form, be an Irish take on the genre and be historically based. He hopes to go into production by the end of the year. Overall it was a great way to start the festival!

Eleanor McSherry


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