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Travolta to star in mobster biopic

A highly anticipated film starring John Travolta as the leader of the legendary Gambino crime family has a name – Gotti: Three Generations. Film spokesman Steve Honig confirmed the title and said the biopic about ‘Dapper Don’ John Gotti will be shot on a budget of about 75 million dollars this year. Honig said details would be released on April 12 at a news conference in New York, where the project will be filmed.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s first love letters set for auction

The 66 unpublished letters were penned when the Hollywood legend, who died last month, was just 17. She sent them to her first fiancé William Pawley, the 22-year-old son of a former US ambassador to Brazil. Written between March and November 1949, they give an insight into Elizabeth’s rise from Hollywood starlet to eight-times married Oscar-winner, whose enduring love affair with Richard Burton was well documented.

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Ryan Reynolds says Green Lantern ‘isn’t a comedy’

Hot on the heels of the newly-revealed Green Lantern footage, the movie’s star Ryan Reynolds has spoken out in defence of the comic adap’s tone. Aware that his rep as a comedian – paired with the divisive footage released so far – might be a cause for concern, Reynolds has moved to appease potentially worried fanboys. ‘They were worried about it,’ Reynolds tells the Los Angeles Times. ‘Fanboys are known to have a very loud voice. They’re known to beat their chest hard when they like or dislike something, and that’s all part of the game.’

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Mad Men creator signs $30m deal

The standoff between the creator, producer and US broadcaster of Mad Men over the show’s future has been resolved, with Matthew Weiner signing up for three more years in a deal reported to be worth up to $30m (£18.7m). US cable channel AMC has ordered series five and six of the critically lauded show and has the option to commission a seventh as part of the three-year deal Weiner has agreed with Mad Men producer Lionsgate.

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Russell Brand wants to move into directing

The star, who is about to appear in the title role in Arthur, a re-imagining of the 1981 Dudley Moore classic, has become an A-List Hollywood star. But he said he had his eye on moving behind the camera, in two more films he’s developing because ‘they’re both comedy vehicles and I really want to direct them because I think it’s a good way, as a comedian, to showcase what you do’. One of the films is ‘about an English footballer stranded in Texas having to teach at a Texan high school where no-one cares about soccer’, and the other, set to be produced by Adam Sandler, is about a conman who poses as a priest.

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