No Strings Attached

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DIR: Ivan Reitman • WRI: Elizabeth Meriwether, Mike Samonek, Elizabeth Meriwether • PRO: Ali Bell, Jeffrey Clifford, Joe Medjuck, Gerald D. Moon • DOP: Rogier Stoffers • ED: Dana E. Glauberman • DES: Ida Random • CAST: Natalie Portman, Ashton Kutcher, Kevin Kline

I wouldn’t call No Strings Attached a ‘load of pants’ for a number of reasons, mainly because it would be an insult to pants themselves. You see, pants can be warm, soft and well-made, and more importantly a literal ‘load of pants’ would be more interesting to watch for an hour-and-a-half than this film.

Reasons why this film should have worked:

-Ivan Reitman. This director was the same man behind the popular comedies: Twins, Dave, Ghostbusters and the fun frolic, Evolution.

-Natalie Portman. A fantastic actress; she’s been in some truly brilliant films (omitting the Star Wars Prequels) and is tipped to win the Oscar this year.

-Ashton Kutcher. Demi’s handsome boytoy, this good-looking actor has already proven his great sense of comic timing from his time on That ’70s Show.

-Good chemistry. There’s a nice rapport between the two leads, which combined with some genuine performances adds a believability to their relationship.

Reasons why it didn’t:

-Ivan Reitman. This director was the same man behind the truly awful comedies: Junior, Kindergarten Cop and the horrendously sexist, My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

-A selection of cliche supporting characters. This film is full of them; the OTT gay BFF, the immature parent, the misogynistic male buddies, the selfish ex-girlfriend; and not an interesting one among the lot.

-Period jokes. Yes they’re in here; a ‘string’ of them in fact. If you think that was awful, try sitting through No String’s Attached’s embarrassingly fictitious account of a woman’s monthly cycle.

-The script. The flat and at times uncomfortable jokes pepper the unrealistic responses in a host of stock rom-com scenarios. I suspect that this may have been written by a script-writing computer programme.

And Finally…

-The premise. It seems unlikely that somewhere during the development phase someone didn’t point out the one major flaw with this…
‘Two attractive and single people are in love but can’t be together!’

This is a truly awful, lazy and unimaginative piece of cinema, desperately held together by good actors. Avoid at any cost.

Gemma Creagh

Rated 15A (see IFCO website for details)
No Strings Attached is released on 25th February 2011
No Strings Attached – Official Website


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