We Love… St Valentine: ‘Jerry Maguire’

We Love... St Valentine

Illustration by Adeline Pericart

Get a bottle of Blue Nun, splash yourself with them cheap Christmas smellies your Auntie got you for Christmas, slip on your Penny’s underwear and turn up the stereo with the sweet, sweet sound of Barry White. And hey, if you have a partner that’s an added bonus. Yes, it’s that time of year, when St. Valentine comes to town. So in his honour the film lovers here at Film Ireland present their favourite lurve-themed films.

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Now let’s get it on…

Jerry Maguire

Peter White

Hello, I’m going to share with you my pick o’ the bunch to accompany you at this most romantic of seasons. ‘Tis the season to reacquaint yourself with Jerry Maguire. Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but it’s also Super Bowl time to boot. Of all the films to enjoy right about now, this is the most worthy of a punt.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Jerry Maguire is from a strikingly different time. Golden boy Tom Cruise is in fine form as the titular sports agent while Renée Zellweger is still unknown and utterly adorable as single mother Dorothy. Following his abrupt sacking from a highly successful agency, Jerry and Dorothy go out on their own to try establishing themselves as an independent sports agent with fewer clients, less money and more attention given. Jerry sets out with his sole remaining client, Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. who had a very bright future ahead following his Oscar winning charismatic portrayal. Through all of this change, Jerry is struggling with his own inability to be alone and wondering if his feelings for Dorothy are related to this or perhaps something deeper. While the world may have kept turning on these careers, it’s a joy to sit down and immerse yourself in the timeless perfection of Jerry Maguire.

As far as crowd pleasers go, Jerry Maguire is right up there in the big leagues. The guise of a sports film is enough to hold the attention of your average man while there is ample romance for the ladies as well as the cutest darn kid bursting with useful facts to please everyone. Appropriately, Jerry Maguire boasts how he was sent into living rooms to win over families as a sports agent and the film is equally successful in this department. You can’t help but fall for Cameron Crowe’s charming script which bolsters the natural charisma of the actors and the whole package is lovingly wrapped in a suitably scintillating soundtrack.

Jerry Maguire is one of those rare films in which each person involved is at the top of their game and – bricks posing as mobile phones aside – how well the film has held up over the intervening fifteen years is testament to this fact. For Valentine’s Day when there are so many romantic films vying for your attention it can be difficult to separate the roses from the thorns but I would heartily endorse a date with Jerry Maguire. Or if you’ve already seen it, I’m sure I had you at ‘hello’.

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