We Love … St Valentine: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

We Love... Valentine's

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Get a bottle of Blue Nun, splash yourself with them cheap Christmas smellies your Auntie got you for Christmas, slip on your Penny’s underwear and turn up the stereo with the sweet, sweet sound of Barry White. And hey, if you have a partner that’s an added bonus. Yes, it’s that time of year, when St. Valentine comes to town. So in his honour the film lovers here at Film Ireland present their favourite lurve-themed films.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Ciara O’Brien

When asked to write about my all-time-favourite Valentine’s Day movie, there was no doubt in my mind as to what I would choose. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind may seem like an odd choice of romantic film to some, but to me there could be no better Valentine’s film. Long before Inception was a glimmer in Nolan’s eye, Michel Gondry climbed into our cerebral cortex’s and took up residence offering his viewers an offbeat love story which stands the test of time.

Kate Winslet gives, what I would say is one of her defining performances. As an audience, we are well used to seeing Winslet as the glamorous woman for whom any man would fall, but here she plays an insecure woman plagued by imperfections who has more whims than hair colours. The star of the show here is Carrey, who takes a tentative step away from comedy and plays an overly serious man, devoid of his usual physical comedy. Here is the beginning of the new Jim Carrey.

What separates Eternal Sunshine… from the barrage of silly romantic comedies starring everyone in Hollywood that we are subjected to each year is that the movie does not paint a picture of perfection in relationships, there is none of the patented happily-ever-after fairytale outcome. What we see in this movie is a skewed and cerebral version of the real-life romances which populate the world. Joel and Clementine meet by chance and fall into the kind of love which is all-consuming until the fine line between love and hate begins to blur and cracks are covered over through Joel’s fear of speaking his mind, and Clementine’s inability to do anything else.

Eternal Sunshine… reveals itself to be the ideal Valentine’s movie for all situations, Kirsten Dunst plays the a-typical young girl with a crush on her superior, whilst it appears that everyone in the world likes her, she has innocent eyes only for her boss. When her own past is uncovered, she herself becomes an important symbol of female empowerment as she makes a stand that is more effective in exploring the power of the single woman than a flash mob of Beyonces in spandex ever could.

Our romantic heroes are far from perfect, yet there is a spark that perforates the screen and the audience find themselves whole-heartedly rooting for the most dysfunctional of couples. Their imperfections however, fit like a glove. Joel’s shyness is offset by Clementine’s brash nature. By the end of the twists and turns in continuity, one thing is certain; we hope that history does not repeat itself in this instance.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is an off-centre and non-linear exploration of love which through hardships and frustration has something which many Valentine’s movies do not, heart. Gondry gives us an emotionally honest exploration of relationships, an inescapable love. If that isn’t Valentine’s Day romance, I don’t know what is. So this Valentine’s Day why not take a different approach and, instead of expecting absolute perfection, take pride and joy in the imperfections we all have, and enjoy the perfection that can be found in finding someone whose imperfections fit yours.

If that’s not your bag, you can always give Dr. Mierzwiak a call and attempt to have the object of your dejection erased, although, as we see here, the mind is a fickle mistress, and absolute satisfaction is not guaranteed.




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