Chinese Film Festival


The Chinese Film Festival kung fued its way onto Dublin screens on Friday with the opening-night screening of Bodyguards and Assassins, folowed by a wine reception at the IFI.

Bodyguards and Assassins proved itself to be a near perfect introduction into Chinese cinema: Star-studded cast, political commentary, warm characters, impressive sets and some decent action. There’s precious little to dislike, and some dialogue is genuinely (and intentionally) hilarious.

Genre veterans may not rate it mind. In fact, many might have already enjoyed more technically impressive martial arts, more loveable characters and more emotionally charged content.

Nonetheless, Bodyguards and Assassins offers great fusion of styles, with ample ‘Fan Service’ that’s not overly gratuitous. Best of all, it’s easy watching and acts as a great hook to entice those unfamiliar with Chinese cinema.

Jack McGlynn


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