Chinese Film Festival 2011

Bodyguards and Assassins

Considering it is the Year of the Rabbit, Custom Ireland and Dublin City Council are hosting a Chinese Film Festival as part of the Dublin Chinese New Year Festival and you’d be hopping mad not to attend.

12 films will be screened over seven days across the city, beginning on Friday, 4th February in the IFI, with the national premiere (one of very many) of the star-studded, multi-award winning Bodyguards and Assassins.

Despite being a firmly established dynasty of film making, and its production rates are fast catching up with Hollywood, Chinese films suffer from a distinct lack of exposure in Ireland. To rectify this, the festival is attempting to showcase a diverse pallet of the very best contemporary Chinese film has to offer.

And, naturally, kicking you in the face with martial arts mayhem!

Here’s the screening programme:

Bodyguards and Assassins* 4th Feb, IFI, 6:10pm
Forever Enthralled 5th Feb, Screen Cinema, 4pm
Ip Man* 5th Feb, Screen Cinema, 6:45pm
Ip Man 2* 5th Feb, Screen Cinema, 8:50pm, European Premiere
The Magic Aster 6th Feb, IFI, 11am
Election 6th Feb, Screen Cinema, 6pm
The Message 6th Feb, Screen Cinema, 8:20pm
Election 2 7th Feb, Screen Cinema, 6pm
Aftershock 7th Feb, Screen Cinema, 8pm
Walking to School 11th Feb, IFI, 11am
Apart Together 12th Feb, IFI, 5pm
Blood Oath* 13th Feb, Screen Cinema, 8:10pm, World Premiere

Ticket Prices: Adult €8:50, Unwaged/Senior Citizen €7:00

*Recommended if you want a little Kung Fu with your evening

Jack McGlynn



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