We Love…. 2010: 'True Legend'

Best of... 2010

Illustration by Adeline Pericart

We start 2010 by looking back at a few of our favourite films of 2010. Throughout January we’ll be adding to the list. As always, feel free to add your own favourites. If you’d like to include your own review, contact steven@filmbase.ie

True Legend

Jack McGlynn

The world seems to have forgotten how to make action films. Considering this, True Legend is easily the most trailblazing film of 2010.In fact, it could be the single greatest action film for the past ten years.

Yuen Woo Ping hasn’t directed a feature since 1996. The world didn’t know what it was missing.
Seamlessly blending wirework, CGI, visual effects, intricate choreography and some good old fashioned stuntmen kicking each other really hard, each of True Legend’s dozen action scenes are symphonies of martial violence, physical grace and property destruction.

People raved about the Anti-Gravity Corridor fight in this summer’s Inception. Imagine that, plus the superhuman close quarters combat of the Matrix, multiplied by the visceral, brutal bludgeoning administered by Jet Li in Unleashed and you might have an action scene half as good as True Legend’s. The film is not perfect, but action has literally never looked so good.

I could rave indefinitely about this film, so instead here’s a selection of awesome things the indomitable protagonist, the Legendary Beggar Su performs for your delectation:

• Dropkicks an opponent in the chest, only to backflip without landing and dropkick a SECOND opponent in the chest
• Stabs a foe in the heart, then kicks the blade clean through his torso
• Stabs some poor unfortunate with a spear, then kicks his corpse through a wall
• Receives a flying head-butt, which knocks him bodily through a brick wall and down some stairs.
• Blocks a spear while simultaneously doing the splits while kicking some dude in his face
• Regularly blocks incoming strikes by intercepting them with kicks
• Fights the GOD OF WHUSHU atop a mountain shaped like a giant Buddah
• Avoids a sucker punch by leaping bodily into the air and kicking his foe in the head thrice before landing
• Smashes a vase on an opponent’s head and kicks him down a well
• Jumps down after him, and head-butts a poisonous cobra into said combatants chest
• Proceeds to punch his opponent up out of the well, before wrapping a chain around his fist and punching the more or less dead enemy in the neck

The world seems to have forgotten how to make action films.

Remind yourself. Watch True Legend.

Then watch it again.

And again.


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