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We Love... 2010

Illustration by Adeline Pericart

We start 2011 by looking back at a few of our favourite films of 2010. 2010 was a year we’ll never forget. It had everything: 365 days; 52 weeks; 12 months. All of that in one year. For some though 2010 was a bad year for film – but if there’s one thing metal detecting in rubbish dumps has taught us, it’s that you’ll always find jewels among the garbage. Throughout January we’ll be reflecting on those cinematic jewels that brought us pleasure during 2010. As always, feel free to add your own favourites. If you’d like to include your own review, contact steven@filmbase.ie

Shutter Island – Ciara O’Brien

Easy A – Peter White

Toy Story 3D – Geoff McEvoy

True Legend – Jack McGlynn

Inception – Orla Walshe

The Town – Charlene Lydon

The Social Network – Peter Larkin


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