Sony Production Awards: Deadline January 16th and advice from previous winner

Niels Wamberg

Dane Niels Wamberg won the Nordic section of the Sony PROduction Awards 2010 in the spring. Next year’s competition has just been announced. Sony therefore decided to ask Niels Wamberg for his advice for future entrants in the competition.

The first piece of advice from Niels Wamberg was quite simple; “Don’t do what everyone else does!”, while his second recommendation was, “Make sure that the film contains an idea!” The film enthusiast was happy to reveal more, even though he has once again decided to participate in the forthcoming Sony PROduction awards, which is based around the theme of “Fusion”.

“I have started to consider my idea for the story for the new competition. I think about it when I’m drinking coffee, when I’m cycling and when I’m in the bath. I bounce around thoughts, and once the idea is there, I’m well underway,” he says and continues.

“I then have to decide on the location and the actors, etc., but these are minor elements. The most important thing is to decide how the film will end. For example, the film “Lost in Translation” has a fantastic ending, which raises a number of questions. I also like to achieve this with my films so that they continue to remain in the minds of the audience.

Although I have not had the chance to make a feature film, I am convinced that it is far more difficult to make a short film,” says Niels Wamberg who continues:

In a short space of time, you have to tell a story and create a surprising ending which gives the viewer something to think about. This must all take place within a relatively short space of time. It’s a challenge and I love it”, he stressed.

The Infinite Memory

Niels Wamberg found out about last year’s competition, which had the title “The Infinite Memory”, on the internet and decided to take part immediately. His contribution was a short film using a couple of attractive female fingers moving through both time and space.

Niels Wamberg does not have a traditional film education. Instead, he has a further education gained through the European Film College in Ebeltoft and has also completed courses at the New York film Academy. He originally trained as an architect, but he also has an interest in many art forms, which has led to his own visual art and sculptures leaving their mark on his home. He has a love of music and fulfils this through his role as a Radio Jazz host.

He has lived out his love of film by creating a number of short films, which can be viewed at Some of his film productions can be found by searching under “Niels286”. He is also a frequent guest at “Cinemateket” at the Filmhuset i København (Copenhagen Film House), where he picks up many good ideas for his own productions.

Third Sony camera

“My first camera was a little Sony travel camera, which I still use today. It is very discreet to use and has some outstanding microphones, which I also use for post-production work. Nevertheless, I decided to buy an extra camera that could do a little more, so I bought a Sony HVR-A1E from Esee, which also supplied the Sony NXCAM, which was the prize in the Nordic section of last year’s Sony PROduction Awards.”

“The biggest surprise for me was that it uses a memory card, completely eliminating the disadvantages of winding. Its weight is also an advantage, as it makes it easy to hold completely still.”

He used the prize for the first time in the competition, in which the local European winners had to compete against each other. This involved the task of creating a film with the title “Non-linear Space”.

This was won by a German participant in a strong field for which Niels Wamberg has a deep respect. And this has given him an even greater desire to create a film titled “Fusion”.


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