Screening of ‘Hunted’

There will be a PictureShow screening today 17th December at 2pm at the ExchangeDublin Arts Centre, Exchange Street Upper D2, of the British classic crime drama Hunted. Directed by Charles Crichton, the film stars Dirk Bogarde, Jon Whitely, Elizabeth Sellars and Geoffrey Keen among a large cast that also included the Irish actor Joe Linnane (1910-1981).

The story follows a young Scottish boy, Robbie, as he runs away from his adoptive London home and attaches himself to a young tearaway, Chris (Dirk Bogarde). Robbie fears his father confesses to Chris, a murderer on the run, that he has set his home on fire, yet in reality he has only left some curtains smouldering.

Described as ‘Violent fugitive and mistreated small boy team up to flee from authority’, it was filmed in England and Scotland in late 1951 and was reportedly Dirk Bogarde’s own personal favourite from among his oeuvre.

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