We Love … Christmas

Santa's Night In

Illustration by Adeline Pericart

The Film Ireland Christmas elves have been busy this year preparing gifts of recollections of their favourite Christmas film to leave under your tree this festive season. And so as blankets of white fall upon us this December, we’re reminded of those wonderfully poignant words served up by Shakin’ Stevens when he memorably sung that ‘snow is falling all around me; children playing – having fun. It’s the season of love and understanding. Merry Christmas everyone.’
Throughout December we’ll be adding more favourite Christmas films we love; so keep an eye on the website and feel free to add any of your own.

Click on the link below to enjoy our writers’ pieces:

Peter White – Gremlins

Ciara O’Brien – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Gemma Creagh – Home Alone

William O’Keefe – The Apartment

Liam Brennan – Bad Santa

Geoff McEvoy – The Lion in Winter

Charlene Lydon – Elf

Steven Galvin – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Scott Townsend – It’s a Wonderful Life


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