Issue 134

The ‘Savage’ Autumn issue of Film Ireland is out now

Served Cold
Savage director Brendan Muldowney revisits some of his key inspirations with JAMIE HANNIGAN.
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Big Drama Little Screen
AMANDA SPENCER talks to some directors and sees who’s taking sides in TV versus Film.
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The 7 Challenges Facing Independent Filmmakers
Raindance founder ELLIOT GROVE gives us the low-down on how to meet those challenges with winning strategies.
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Martina Niland and Carmel Winters talk to NIAMH CREELY about their brilliant new feature Snap.
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The Best Medicine
SHANE KENNEDY reports from this year’s Give Me Direction comedy screenwriting conference.
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Master of Comedy
ROSS WHITAKER attends IFTA’s ‘In Conversation With…’ comedy writer extraordinaire Graham Linehan.
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The incredible Shrinking Critic
Joe Griffin ponders the future of film criticism and wonders if the role of the film critic has become redundant.
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NIAMH CREELY talks to director PJ Dillon and producers Alex Jones and John Wallace about their new feature film Rewind.
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The Joy of Section 481
GORDON GAFFNEY misses his turn off the spaghetti junction of Section 481 whilst writing this explanatory article.
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