'His & Hers' Box Office Success

His & Hers which was released in Irish cinemas on 18th June has now reached a gross box-office of over €300,000, which makes it the highest grossing documentary released in Ireland since Michael Moore’s Farrenheit 911. This is a fantastic result for an Irish documentary, which was made on a tiny budget of €100,000. Opening on week one on just €40,000, this word of mouth success has now grossed an impressive 7.5 times this amount. His & Hers has now surpassed such well known Irish films as Neil Jordan’s Ondine and the Oscar® winning Once. The Light House Cinema in Smithfield, which champions the work of original and creative film makers are also delighted with the success of His & Hers as it is now their most successful film they have ever screened there.

Speaking on the success of the film, Head of Distribution at Element Pictures Audrey Sheils says that ‘After falling in love with His & Hers in DIFF we knew that if we could just get people into see this film, then the emotion, tears and laughter that this film generates would spread across the country. Opening on just 8 prints we hoped for success but nothing could have prepared us for what it has achieved. We never thought we’d still be in cinemas 12 weeks after release and are delighted to have been part of the journey with Ken Wardrop and Andrew Freedman.’

Click here for a full list of cinemas showing His & Hers.


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