Interview with 'Colony' co-director Ross McDonnell

colonyThis Film Ireland podcast recorded after the screening of  ‘Colony’ in the IFI on Friday July 23rd 2010 was chaired by the IFI’s Sunniva O’Flynn with ‘Colony’ co-director Ross McDonnell and former Green Party leader and former Minister for Food and Horticulture Trevor Sargent on the panel.  ‘Colony’ highlights the important role bees play in agriculture and agribusiness worldwide and the problems faced due to Colony Collapse Disorder.

In part 1 Ross reveals more about the filmmaking process including the support he got from the Irish Film Board, how he and co-director Carter Gunn got access to their subjects and his future projects.

In part 2 the panelists along with Phillip McCabe, best known for his contributions on RTÉ Radio One’s ‘Mooney Goes Wild’ and Michael Gleeson, Secretary of the Federation of Irish Beekeepers, address the ecological issues raised in the film.

Both parts of the podcast are approximately 17 minutes duration.

Colony was released in the IFI on Friday July 23rd 2010.



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