DIR/WRI: Christopher Nolan • PRO: Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas • DOP: Wally Pfister • ED: Lee Smith • DES: Guy Dyas • CAST: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Dileep Rao, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine

Not since The Dark Knight has a film held my attention like Inception just has. Take a bow Christopher Nolan, you have now directed two of my top five films.

To tell you Inception‘s plot would be to deprive you of part of its appeal. All you need to know is that it is a sci-fi/action/thriller set in our world with one significant difference; people can enter your dreams to extract information. This brief synopsis by itself won’t convince you to see this film, but what should is the talent behind it.

The director, Christopher Nolan, has previously made Memento, The Prestige, Batman Begins and its aforementioned sequel. All of which are absolutely deserving of your time if you haven’t yet had the pleasure and worth watching again if you have. The multi-talented Nolan also had a hand in the writing of each of these films. Leading the cast is Leonardo DiCaprio, who continues to go from strength to strength. He is provided with strong support by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Berenger, Michael Caine, the dazzling Marion Cotillard and our very own Cillian Murphy; only scripts this fine with directors of Nolan’s ability could gather such an ensemble. To top it all off we get a spectacular musical score from Hans Zimmer; who previously moved us with his sweeping work on Sherlock Holmes, The Dark Knight as well as a little something called Gladiator.

Added to this enviable list of talent, Inception features the most breathtaking action sequences to grace our screens since The Matrix. I won’t spoil these either but don’t be surprised if Inception is playing on a loop in shops selling high definition equipment in the very near future.

Inception is a truly remarkable piece of film. To hear that Nolan was writing this film for the past decade comes as no surprise once you’ve seen the end result. The scope and complexity of this film is astounding and exceeded only by the fact that it makes perfect sense once the concept is explained in the first chapter. And to think that you can see all of this for the same price as the dismal Clash of the Titans! Now that really is unbelievable. I cannot recommend Inception highly enough. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

Peter White

Rated 12A (see IFCO website for details)
is released on 16th July 2010

Inception Official Website

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