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DIR/WRI: John Carney, Kieran Carney • PRO: Mariela Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, John McDonnell • DOP: Peter Robinson • ED: Paul Mullen • DES: Susie Cullen • CAST: Simon Delany, Rory Keenan, David Pearse

Zonad is a zany sci-fi comedy co-written by John Carney, of Oscar®-winning Once, fame and brother Kieran. However, whilst that statement may be factually correct, expectation levels are best kept in check.

Set in the fictional Irish village of Ballymoran, Zonad tells the story of escaped alcohol rehab patient Liam Murphy (Simon Delaney) and the profound effect his otherworldliness has on this village of idiots. With his crash-landing into the sitting room of the Cassidy family coinciding with the sighting of a rare comet, this baile amadaineagh is only too happy to embrace the fanciful notion that the slovenly superhero is indeed from another planet. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Murphy duly rips it up on a steady diet of Guinness and teenage girls, charming the locals and attaining local celebrity status in the process.
Notwithstanding the locals’ healthy appetite for reality suspension, small-town Ireland and its propensity for sheep-like mentality is one of several themes touched on in Zonad. This is underlined by the arrival of fellow rehab inmate Francis O’Connor (David Pearse) in the cunning guise of Bonad, and the subsequent shunning of Zonad himself. Alcohol abuse- always topical- is another theme that runs throughout, although there is little coherence in its message here.

Zonad is a daft comedy that struggles for laughs beyond the whacky plotline, while the sight of Simon Delaney cavorting in a red PVC jumpsuit will not be to everyone’s taste. Enjoy Zonad in moderation.

Shane Kennedy

Zonad is available on DVD from 28th June


Extra DVD features include: Directors’ Commentary; Outtakes; Love Songs by Zonad; Deleted Scenes; and Short Film

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