4thought.tv seek web/video Producer

Channel 4 has commissioned a cross-platform religion and ethics project, 4thought.tv, based around a series of short films, in which a single speaker will reflect on religious and ethical issues or aspects of their spiritual lives.

The films will air after Channel 4 News every day, seven nights a week. The strand will also have a strong online presence on the 4thought.tv website, overseen by Cross Platform Commissioning Editor Adam Gee. Every film will be made available to view on this site (and on 4OD), as well as providing additional bonus video content.

The project requires a person who combines the roles of Web Producer, Production Co-ordinator and liaison person, interfacing between the TV indie (Waddell Media) and the two digital agencies involved – Johnston North and Atto, all based in Northern Ireland.

For information on how to apply visit www.northernirelandscreen.co.uk


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