Get Him to the Greek

Get Him to the Greek

DIR: Nicholas Stoller • WRI: Nicholas Stoller • PRO: Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller, David Bushell, Rodney Rothman, Jason Segel • ED: William Kerr, Michael Sale • DOP: Robert Yeoman • DES: Jan Roelfs • CAST: Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Elisabeth Moss, Rose Byrne

Get Him to the Greek is an absurd, hilarious film that is most definitely not for the faint of heart. The movie features Brand as rock star Aldous Snow, a character which first graced the big screen in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. However, this spin-off far surpasses the original in laughs, plot and insane characters.

Aldous’s career has gone downhill ever since the release of his single ‘African Child’, which was dubbed as ‘the worst thing to happen to Africa since apartheid.’ After splitting with his girlfriend, the musically suggestive Jackie Q, he cannonballs off the wagon and loses custody of his son Naples.

Jonah Hill proves he can handle a straighter role as he plays Pinnacle Records employee Aaron Green. A music fanatic, Aaron lives with his girlfriend, Daphne, although her busy schedule means they pass like sluggish ships in the night. Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is very enjoyable as the morally bankrupt, Sergio Roma, the head of the company and Aaron’s mental boss.

After pitching the not-at-all-clichéd idea of a tenth anniversary comeback gig, Aaron gets roped into the task of getting Snow to the Greek Theatre in LA. However, much to Aaron’s frustration, Aldous is not quite as enthusiastic about travelling stateside for the concert, as he is on the consumption of various forms of recreational narcotics and one-night/hour-stands.

Whisked into the whirlwind, party lifestyle, Aaron follows Aldous Snow from the rock to the hard place, as they go from London to New York to Las Vegas and back again in an attempt to get him to the Greek.

Although original and fast-moving, there’s a slight lull in laughs in the second half as Aldous deals with his drug problem and broken relationships with Jackie and his father (Colm Meaney). The character and general mis-adventures of Aldous Snow has an 8-mile-esque similarity to Russell’s own troubled life. However, his charm and general charisma brings a lot of warmth towards a character that could have been potentially very unlikeable.

Gemma Creagh

Rated 16 (see IFCO website for details)

Get Him to the Greek is released on 25th June 2010

Get Him to The Greek – Official Website


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