IFI Wild Strawberries Film Club

Dreams, Dreamers and The Dreams Factory: A season from IFI Wild Strawberries Film Club for the Over 55s & Bealtaine 2010

The IFI’s Wild Strawberries Film Club for the over 55s are presenting a programme of films this May as part of Bealtaine, the annual festival celebrating creativity in older age. In keeping with the theme of this year’s festival ‘have dreams and speak them without fear’ the Wild Strawberries members and friends based their programme around dreams, dreamers and films from Hollywood; a place once known as ‘the dream factory’.

The first film in this year’s programme Dean Spanley is a free special event that kicks off the Access Cinema Bealtaine film tour. The film stars Peter O’Toole as a cantankerous father to Henslow (Jeremy Northam). Henslow introduces him to an unusual clergyman Dean Spanley (Sam Neill) who regales them with tales of his former life as a dog; a gentle, amusing story of Edwardian spiritualism featuring great performances all round.

The IFI Wild Strawberries programme runs year round with two monthly morning screenings of both recent and classic films with a committee of regulars helping to select and introduce the programme. Tickets are €4 and include a complimentary regular tea or coffee and newcomers are always welcome.

For the full schedule, please click here.


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