Special FX Make-up Night

The Film Ireland/Filmbase Special FX Make-up Night was a resounding success, with more blood, burns, bruises and zombies in search of brains than you could feasibly shake a stick at.

The grisly event took place on Wednesday 28th April and attracted droves with its free special FX make-up demonstrations by Terri Pinnell and Tom McInerney, plus ‘delicious’ blood and brains recipes cooked up by Conor McMahon. There was also ingenious armour created by Ben O’Connor et al.

Intrigued yet? It was truly an incredible night, but don’t take our word for it: see below for our full-colour, extensive coverage and all the gory details…

First up: Tom McInerney (Fairycatcher, The Formorian) and his green, ghoulish creation.

Tom applies the finishing touches…

Tom McInerney

Karl, looking oh-so-innocent before…

Looking oh-so-innocent before

And oh-so-terrifying after…

And oh-so-terrifying after

Then there was Terri Pinnell (Portrait of a Zombie).

Terri Pinnell

Terri, with the help of Jaclyn Cooper, created an army of zombified, mutilated and horribly injured creatures.

Luckily, someone had a camera…

Our first subject, Emma, looking normal and happy:

Emma, normal and happy

Emma later, burned and mutilated…

Emma burned and mutilated

Another happy youngster, Elin:

Elin Before

Elin, prematurely aged, but smiling though the tears:

Elin prematurely aged

Marina, another victim, before the accident…

Marina before the accident

Marina, after the incident with the bandsaw:

Marina after the bandsaw

Scott, happy-go-lucky and carefree:

Scott before

After the tragic meat cleaver ‘accident’.

Scott After

Cheryl, ready for anything:

Cheryl Before

Cheryl, ready for burial:

Cheryl After

Patrick, just getting going.

Patrick Before

Patrick, just going off.

Patrick After

Siobhán, calm and serenity.

Siobhan Before

Siobhán, vengeance from beyond the grave…

Siobhan After

Angelic Aenne becomes…


…a Dark Angel


Katie and Ciara: first cousins.


Katie and Ciara: undead twins…

Undead Twins

…with a taste for decapitation!


Niamh foolishly thinks she’ll escape unscathed –

Niamh Before

No such luck…

Niamh After

Terri continued her reign of terror by turning the gentle Krzysztof –

Krzysztof Before

– into a dangerous, diabolical, dancing zombie.

The humanity.

(More about the dancing later…)


Ruairí Butler, Ben O’Connor and Ben Maguire provided some extraordinary outfits…


…which proved surprisingly wearable.


Meanwhile, Conor McMahon (Dead Meat, Zombie Bashers), horror maestro extraordinaire, was cooking up a storm.

A storm of blood and brains… and golden syrup.


The gourmet of gore was on hand to demonstrate how bread crumbs, golden syrup and blackcurrant jam make delicious and effective grey matter.


Finally, our man of horror took Terri’s army (primed with choreography by Niamh Creely, official choreographer to The Chapters) and shot a fantastically fiendish film in the foyer of Filmbase.


The grand finale was Filmbase’s very own Cannibal Holocaust. Yes, it was exactly like that film.


Anyway, our film is being edited as we speak, so keep your eye on filmireland.net for updates.

Filmbase would like to thank everyone who helped make the night such a success: the two Bens, Conor, Edwina, Jaclyn, Karl, Ruairí, Terri, Tom and Anna Wiercioch, our official horror photographer. Last, but absolutely NOT least, thanks so much to all our lovely volunteers who really got into it and made it such a great night!


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