'3 Crosses'

3 Crosses

Written and directed by Jason Figgis and produced by Jonathan Figgis, 3 Crosses is a future noir thriller, adapted from October Eleven Pictures’ own graphic novel The Altar Boys. Jonnie and Jay Linski are siblings with a heavy cross to bear – the brutal murder of their beloved little brother, Danny (Stephen Wilson). Left reeling in the aftermath of this vicious crime, the Linskis seek solace on society’s fringes; older brother Jay (Karl Hayden) turns to increasingly violent criminal behaviour, while Jonnie (Emmett Scanlan) exorcises his demons as a bare-knuckle fighter. He brutally pounds his way to the top of the illegal fight game – that is, until businessman Neville Jessoppe (Bill Fellows), is implicated in Danny’s murder. Consumed by grief, Jonnie Linski embarks on a disturbing plan to avenge the death of his brother. In the nefarious twilight world they inhabit however, nothing is as it seems, and Jonnie finds his world rapidly spiralling out of control, culminating in an explosive confrontation with those responsible for Danny’s murder.

3 Crosses was shot in Dublin, London, Montpelier (Vermont) and is heading out to the festival circuit.


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