'Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo'

The second instalment in the Morgan M. Morgansen saga, penned by screenwriter Sarah Daly has screened at Austin’s prestigious South By Southwest film festival.

The short film that kicked off the series, Morgan M. Morgansen’s Date with Destiny, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, screened back in January at Sundance, garnering praise from the festival’s founder Robert Redford. Due to the positive response, work soon began on a second instalment. Sarah Daly wrote the script entitled Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo and production commenced soon after. In this new addition to the series, Gordon-Levitt is again joined by rising star Lexy Hulme and, for the first time, by Channing Tatum, his co-star in recent Hollywood blockbuster GI Joe.

As with the first offering, Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date was produced by Gordon-Levitt’s revolutionary online production company hitrecord.org. Collaborators from all over the world contributed visual elements which Scottish filmmaker; Lawrie Brewster then used to create a lavish visual landscape for the story. Jenyffer Maria, a talented artist from Florida again worked with Lawrie as principal illustrator. The soundtrack was also a collaborative effort, with over 50 musicians on the site contributing to a score composed by Nathan Johnson. Nathan is best known for his work on the soundtracks of Brick and The Brothers Bloom.

Sarah Daly travelled to South By Southwest to take part in Q&A sessions at hitrecord.org’s three shows. Sean Ono Lennon, who was performing with his band Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, drew attention to the unusual language created by Sarah specifically for the short films and declared himself a fan. Following his suggestion, a short dictionary booklet was produced and handed out to the audience at the final two screenings.

Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo is viewable online here.


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