'Prodigal Son'

Prodigal Son

Urban Western Prodigal Son has just wrapped after a four-day shoot in Dublin city. Its cast includes actor Ryan Andrews (The Pool, The Clinic, Fair City), Padraig Murray (The Guards, The Clinic) and US TV actor Mark Schrier (‘Murder’, Sex and the City). Written and directed by playwright CJ Scuffins, Prodigal Son is his debut film.

Prodigal Son tells the story of gangster’s son Joe, who is brought back from the dead by mysterious corporation Prodigal Inc after an untimely death. But Joe’s mother Eileen instantly recognizes that her son is no longer himself. Once a brutal enforcer, he’s now a lost boy, afraid of his own shadow. While Joe’s father Denny forces his son to face off against psychotic teenage assassin The Boy, Eileen plots an even more sinister solution.

Prodigal Son was shot over four days (8–11 April 2010) in Finglas, Smithfield, St Stephen’s Green and Grand Canal Dock.

The film was produced by Hotel Darklight writer Eilis Mernagh and shot by award-winning cinematographer Piers McGrail (The Silver Bow, You’re Only What I See Sometimes).

Currently in post-production, Prodigal Son will be ready for festivals, both in Ireland and elsewhere, in May 2010.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m Roger from a Dublin based rock / punk band called Hooligan.

    We just cut a song called Prodigal Son and want to know if anyone is interested in using this song for promoting the film of the same name.


    Our track has not been released yet and has just been mixed by Ingmar Kiang, who worked on Bob Marley and Damien Dempsey’s albums.

    We are off to England for a short tour on Thursday, but feel free to contact me anytime on 086 380 7540 or at roger.boyd@citi.com or roger74@hotmail.co.uk

    You’ll like the song, as it’s texture suits the film and the lyric is well suited too.

    Look forward to hearing from you,




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