Issue 132 – Film Ireland – The Spring Issue 2010

Issue 132

Conor McMahon, creator of zombie flick Dead Meat and the hilarious and devious The Disturbed, gives his guide to the world of low budget. With a few detours via Hollywood, this is Film Ireland, ‘grindhouse’ style.

Breaking (Down) the Budget

Brian O’Toole, Paul Ward, Eoin Macken and Conor McMahon on the smartest way to spend your low budget. Read more here

Production Design

Conor McMahon talks to big-budget production designer Ray Ball and to Graham Williams about production design on a budget. Read more here

Making it up: how to get a(decapitated)head in special effects

Tom McInerney, Terri Pinnell and Conor McMahon share some of their low-budget tips and tricks in our gory guide to special effects make-up. Read more here

The Dark Arts

Concept artist Olwen Foy shares the journey from creature conception to film.
Read more here

His Cup Runneth Over…

Conor McMahon interviews Gary Shore, whose trailer earned him an invitation to Hollywood.
Read more

What do you do with actors?

Actor/director Vinny Murphy talks about directing actors. Read more here

Sparkling Perrier

Niamh Creely talks to Cillian Murphy about the art of acting and coming home to film Perrier’s Bounty. Read more here

Jimmy Murakami: Non Alien

Dermod Moore speaks to Murakami and the makers of a new documentary on this famous animator. Read more here

Equipment Review

Filmbase sound engineer, Alan Coleman, reviews the SQN-5SB Series II, a high-end audio mixer. Read more here


Ross Whitaker talks to Conor Horgan about his award-winning debut feature, One Hundred Mornings. Read more here

Film Ireland On Set

Alessandro Molatore reports from the set of Parked, a new feature starring Colm Meaney. Read more here


Filmbase’s Clare Creely introduces Shortspace, the new screening space that’s about giving your shorts legs. Read more here

Endboard: Film Critics and the Feel-good Genre

Andrew Legge tells us how the critcs are failing us. Read more here

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  1. Where is Terry McMahon’s article on writing and making Charlie Casanova? Why is it not on the above list?

    Lisa Carroll

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